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Nurse practitioner natshe pathak doctors with tarp actors on staff acupuncture registered dieticians we have wellness consultants coaches we have a whole team and and we want to be a model and i use the word paragon because that that word basically means a model of excellence and what we're looking to do is that if progressive medical we want to be that model of excellence and that's why we focus each week on different topic today's topic is a very interesting topic because you believe it or not according to the cdc this particular kwok he's were talking about fifty percent of every american we'll dim veil lip some form of this disease by by the time in into the late years and we're going to be talking about arthritis and that's correct arthritis actually the shovel different types we're going to focus on all of them but the may one you want to talk about his osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and and one in two americans are gonna develop asked you arthritis we're going to talk about that topic first in a way get into rheumatoid arthritis and one of the reasons why i want to focus on osteoarthritis is because over the past decade or show our medical community at large considering all the therapies and surgeries has fallen short on really helping patients other delay the onset of osteoarthritis or correct it so what exactly is osteoarthritis osteoarthritis is a g gendered joint disease that primarily affects the large weight bearing joints and the joints in the hand it is mainly sheen and individuals over fifty an older typically the elderly as the most common a form of arthritis for them although the precise mechanisms are unknown in his clear that wear and tear is the principal cause of osteo arthritis the disease process is when the progressive cartlidge deteriorates and it's followed by hardening of the joints due to calcification and bones or formation the joint cushioning deteriorate which leads to pain and liberal movement of the joint and limited mobility which will affect your overall health now why is that because if you have limited mobility and severe joint pain you're not gonna beginning the proper exercise you're not going to be able to be mobile app you're not going to be working to your metabolism you're not going.

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