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Joshua, Swansea, NBC discussed on Tha Boxing Voice



Us steve williams on skype steve williams tmz on skype that one way talked to us sorry yeah we steve talk to us ness my speech i'm i'm dave eight six weeks in the chart just been listening for a minute now really enjoying the show a couple of things i want to pick up on first of all i mean you know so if you feel lost keep fighting the good fight broke second thing is joshua they quit simple i'm a big fan of his you know he's he's he's been robbed before we go from go but equally against ruiz niece right wrong had a couple of appoint swansea raise great interviews recently as well yeah a great show keep it up the last point is guys b-sample is fucking irrelevance delia my there's a one it says that he knows it's going to fail will is all about what you could when they finish their investigations until late stop shout NBC that's it fitness time yeah i'm called no problem great call don't be nervous hoped to hear you back in you know at this point the b sample doesn't matter because they gave him a fight i it doesn't matter matter anymore like he can fight without the sample so i believe on top beef samples tested is when it is asked for right yeah and he got acts for going wilbur all.

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