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Suddenly, ESPN 1000, ESPN Chicago AB Way turn to veteran newsman Dan Zimmerman with breaking news here on Cabin J. Hardin. Thank you very much. Jonathan. The 2021 NFL schedule continues to get leaked. We now have word that it will be going back to England Week. Five Sunday October 10th 8:30 A.m. Chicago wins. You will see the Jets against the Falcons Week. Six Sunday, October 7th 17th 8:30 A.m. Chicagoans on CBS. You will see the dolphins against the Jaguars in London Tongue. Damn stadium. Horrible. Oh, God. Terrible what it mean to of verses? Brother Lawrence. That's a good game, brother. Let me tell you something. There's no reason to keep going to the UK There's just no reason for it. You're never going to have an NFL team in the UK stopped going there. It's not trying to grow the game there and you give them the worst. You don't give him like the cowboy. You don't give him like, quote unquote America's team. You don't give them Tampa you always given the dregs of the Brady against. Uh, Dak. Okay, stop going over there. Florida's Dolphins. And what was the other one Falcons and who? Jets Falcons Week five, October said. I'll say this. Put it in Mexico. Stop going over there. There's unless it's gonna be another World Football League That's gonna be in the U. K and I have no problem with that. There should be some kind of feeder system owes in college football. For the NFL, but stopped going to the UK that does nothing for the NFL Green. Nothing. Very Listen. I would like a word. But if he'd be okay with the Bears are over there, That's fine to draw. Correct, Jack. He's not NFL is Simo. He's bear. Listen, Jax. Guys, don't say this week I went to London for the last time the Bears played in there. We did our shows out there and we went to the game. It was amazing atmosphere and those fans were is into the game is any sporting event that I've ever been to know? Not the time. They were just there two years and you're talking about Cream even being at the state. I was producing carbon miracle in here, so I don't know. Maybe it was 2011 or so, 2012. I can't remember the year it was incredible. Incredible. In Australia. Flight, Johnny Well, it's a long flight over the UK was just stop going there. Are you? Are you going to have a leak there or not? Right now. I just don't understand the point. It's a game you forget about by the way to Sunday morning. Check my fantasy. There's a game on game on, Don't young. What is it doing that young, right? What is right? I just don't get ready to handicap kind of white will sleep out of my late night. Off. Oh, God, I like to work. I want to go to George because he's calling us from London. There you go. There's George. George. What's up, man? Hello, George. I'm very upset. Jonathan come very upset. You don't take a game away from us at the end of days, not just London, which is, you know, populist of nine million people. It's the whole of Europe that comes to watch the games in there in there, so The whole reason more. They're extending the statements. 17 weeks is to build an extra bye weeks. It seems not guarantee that was gonna be you have the first four games this season, which will be played. In the U. S. Only you have like a middle block of eight. Which is quite exclusively in London or Europe. Then you have another right? That's for the home thing. That's what the judge you are. So we're gonna be moving to London now. Juggy was trying to sell out their stadium in London. They say that 90,000 states in 20 minutes I was a kid waiting for more. I would rather go to the football that you are familiar with it. A soccer game hitchhike to Manchester or some place to be able to see a game, then the watching NFL game in London cause I know that that experience for me would be better than watching. Bad NFL football in London. That would be that I would rather go to there for you to give me that experience, then bad NFL in the UK you missing the world Legal Michael football where we have been on the monitor, and we were starting out Wembley and that's 12 games a year. That was the whole of that I was all over the world That was not just to the West Coast East Coast. America is claiming it was Germany. He was England and we sold out those games we can we can, and that was basically Division three collegiate players development class. And as for games that don't matter. Of what two bears games in the environment. Those guys out of the world to make that tackle our football it or it's thanks, man. Appreciate you those of the piers. At least that's an attraction. They don't They don't give that they don't give the UK the top The line games. Correct. It's always that I'm saying is that if I was going to travel to the U K, I'd rather experience the soccer And the Atmos. Amazing I'd rather do that than to watch bad football in the UK I can see that at home. That's all I'm saying. Stop! Stop! Stop putting games in the UK breaking bad. You and the bucks. You're in England and you're taking on Patrick the homes and the Chiefs. If you're not going to give a good game stop, stop put. I mean, okay, Attendance. You are able to get a gate there. There's going to be eyeballs in the product over. Okay, Great. But do you never get the top notch game there? How about this Sunday night football in the UK when you do that? That'd be me. Okay, That's all I'm saying. I want you with this one. You put the Super Bowl there. If they're going to come in abundance have a game that you could watch with an atmosphere. That's all I'm saying. I get it otherwise what? Stop doing it. 31233237764 lines. They're hopping one table. Chicago cut every current athlete current Chicago athletes they must play for a Chicago team. Who's David flying, giving that table to bury back? Take this'll eyes. Chicago's home for Sports, DC's Cap and G Hood on ESPN 1000..

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