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Mm mm. This is NPR news. Four years old. I think I was still trying to master Little Red riding hood. Good morning. This is KCRW. I'm Cherry Glazer. With this news update. It has been a busy weekend. So far at L. A tax officials say there were almost 3300 flights scheduled for this Labor Day holiday. That's double the number of planes that traveled in and out of lax for last year's Labor Day weekend. As travelers wait for their flights. They can take advantage of a new way to get a snack or a drink. A robot named Nom nom will deliver your food, sort of a term of affection that we've given it. Picture oversized cooler with a robot brain. And basically, the thing can carry about £40 of cargo and in this case, food and actually walks behind the person making the food deliveries to the gate. That's L A X spokesperson Heath Montgomery, he says. While it's still plenty toasty here in Southern California, a lot of folks have been jetting off to equally hot destinations. Any of the warm destinations, especially in Mexico, have proven to be extremely popular over the summer. Cancun stands out among a lot of them. So a lot of people trying to squeeze him his last minute vacations to a lot of those warmer destinations for the most part. If you're flying out of lax today, Montgomerie recommends arriving at the airport at least two hours ahead of time for domestic Flight three for an international one masks are required everywhere in the airport. You're listening to K C. R W KCRW. Sponsors include focus features presenting the new thriller The Card Counter. Martin Scorsese Presents a film by Paul Schrader. Oscar Isaac stars as a gambler playing for redemption, but counting on revenge the card counter only in theaters September 10th. Schools into Oakland regularly report lower reading performance levels for black and Latino students, a parent advocacy group has been pushing the school district to do better, and it's getting results. As you'll hear coming up. KCRW sponsors include Picasso, a real estate co ownership model that allows clients to buy and own a second home, not a resort. Timeshare. Picasso manages the home while clients own it. Current listings at p a cso dot com As we mentioned earlier has been plenty warm across much of Southern California, and it's going to stay that way today looking for her sunshine Highs in the seventies along the coast eighties in the L A basin nineties, low hundreds in the valleys. Right now. In Westwood. It is 69 degrees 67 in Calabasas, 66 in Montecito 87 in Palm Springs. Support for NPR comes from the age and Ida Cooper Foundation Commemorating Fred Cooper by supporting programs, which highlight the current issues of racism, equality, diversity, sexism and anti Semitism. And.

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