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I was in a band. And i got a job and a recording studio and i had a scholarship to center for the media arts right out of high school and That's kinda sorta where my career started. You know early eighties and You know it was cool. You know but you realize being bands. You're not gonna pay the bills until you get signed them. We didn't have the infrastructure that you had to make a record and just do it on your own. If you didn't get signed you needed a lot of money so I went to work for a record company and it kind of worked out for me so i'm pretty happy. Yeah the combat in effect records. And i in turn briefly when i was in college at. Cbs which was pretty cool over the summer. You know when. I worked for J. media trade magazine still kind made the rounds coming up. You know when. I started early so as good so by the time i was finishing school and opportunity called. I'm like wow man just walked right into a major label it you know new york in the early eighties so i mean we're you around for any of those like early metallica shows when they first got signed by janis e yeah actually i was. I was at the famed metallica. Rods vanderberg show at the paramount. Staten island. wow yeah i was. There and ironically bright white photographer was there. And so was steve harris. So earning right the quake photo op with steve harris and use later. He called me and he's like dude. I'm looking at this picture. And this guy with hair blown out in a mustache drinking be aware and white sneakers. I could swear it's you so. He sent me the photo. And ironically lo and behold. John with me drink a beer right being fined. While i was with one of my friends. He broke his foot playing hockey. I had to drive in. Who was standing next to a guy on crushes with a broken foot. So that's how we knew so. I actually have the photo. It's it's pretty funny but y that was the last show that david italica yet and i know they had. They had a rehearsal space. The music building wayne's briefly.

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