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With him at the monte carlo they'll tell that barry luik ends and was it three sodomy sean very nova tive at that time because it was the first french chef was switching butter and cream with olive oil and it was the first one will brought vegetables into the pan and a plate so what was it like working with costs at louis kaz just give us a couple examples something he was doing that you just said why you know never seen that before yeah it was like it was a dream you know at that time the was another place like that in the word to cast was able to do whatever he wants in in in just that alltel you know yet the top floor with a very traditional restaurant yet the main floor very casual and the garden on on the piazza that was louis cans and then you add a room called salam peer for the kings they were the guests of ronnie era you know the prince of monaco and so do castes what he did with me he said you can do whatever you want you choose and i remember one of the key point of my career was when i left the they'll tell and i met him in the lobby it look at me and he said so i feel i said i feel great you know it's an incredible experience but they have to go back now and he said to me so did you take knows do you have something i said yeah i have a book full of notes and it's it's incredible is beautiful and sat show show me you know what it is.

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