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Who did their games on tv he talked about the way that they play in transition and how they drive the bond ingram's perfect for that and what's great about it is the with the style of basketball that they play is grind out the shot clock and everybody else is just waiting and if you if you don't have your shot you know the other guy can hit your shot hakin hit their shot and if not they'll just drive to the basket because they're also good at doing that we'll hear a lot from the bureau from loyola after the game last night i know some of you guys may have heard some of it we will play a lot more also i wanted to play this because bruce weber on the other side he knew early that his team had to wake up a little bit he was drawing clip or other things and bruce weber talked about what made loyalist so tough last night some of the stuff they do ice into ball screens switching everything very physical we'd never could get any river men i feared it staff feared it we talked a lot yesterday about it they were better defensively tonight and thought to be honest and i thought we might be able to get something some looks but we just didn't do that times chris you know this moving your feet can make a lot of difference and that's what does they moved their feet constantly on defense fred you're right and it's staying in your defensive positioning right like these guys are all in the perfect defensive stance moving their feet all at once and that creates hands in passing lanes that creates disruptive shot blocking ability right like the whole thing defensively it looks if you are someone that doesn't watch a whole lot basketball that's what perfect defense looks like watching them play.

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