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For a long time but those pediatricians made it official lessons. We learned and mister rogers neighborhood are just what the doctor ordered greg ryan or the authors of the new book when you wonder you're learning mr rogers enduring lessons for raising creative curious. Karen kids when we spoke to ryan. We asked him if he ever got to meet his hero. He passed away. When i was still in high school and at that age i was still too cool for mister rogers. I was in that brief as in my life where. I didn't think he was amazing. But we had the great honor. The great privilege of having afford in the book from joann rogers fred's wife. Who was a champion for us. She was a champion for the project. And in addition to being an amazing stewart of fred's legacy she was a champion for kids in her own right. Joanne passed away just a few months after she wrote that forward but ryan says her legacy lives on and of course fred is still with us in his sweaters and in his legacy and many spin offs of his work such as daniel. Tiger's neighborhood joanne. Infrared i think will always be part of our lives and for that where. We're very grateful. Let's take a short break when we come back acclaimed economist. Emily oster says one data point can change your entire approach to parenting. We like to say no biggie. But the truth is little things can really add up and suppressing. Your emotions won't get you too far for a long time. I told myself that if something went awry at work where i got into a lover's quarrel with almost perfect wife or a friend made it off. Comment cut me to the core. The best thing to do was just go for a run or get a massage and sweet. My feelings under the rug. I've since come to learn. That is not the best approach needing help doesn't mean something's wrong with you. 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Parenting is better data. That's been the longstanding theory of economist. Emily oster adly newsletter called parent data and she's the author of two previous books one on pregnancy and another on early childhood. They both use economic theory to parenting less stressful. It her new york times bestselling new book. The family firm data driven guide to better decision making in the early school years. She applies her approach to elementary age. Kids hi my name. Is emily oster. I'm a professor of economic said brown university and the author of three books expecting better kripke. Am i new book. The family firm. Which i'm going to tell you about today. Big ideal one better business practices can help families well run firms have a plan and they make decisions deliberately with an eye towards the mission of their firm. When you think about your family your family probably has a mission to even if it's an unstated one but i'm guessing you're always looking to it when you're making decisions even big decisions and you probably do not embrace the same kinds of business processes that you work. I think that we often shy away from thinking about our family like a firm because it seems unemotional and cold and maybe a little weird but a key argument in my book is that we can get past that then we can make the logistics part of our lives run better and we can leave time for the fun. Let me give you an example. In my household we spend a lot of time interacting about logistics using email. So sometimes we'll have a conversation and then afterwards my husband will send me an. I'm not making this up and email with bullet points saying here are the things we agreed on here. The next steps whatever it is and the thing about this is that even though it seems a little clinical. Maybe a little bit unusual in in the moment it means actually were not talking about those things at times that we like to be say having a conversation about economics or talking about what would be a fun thing to do on our next vacation. We leave that time for the fun. And in fact there's there's more time for those other conversations because we are using this more efficient better business process to get through. The logistical hurdles and those logistical kernels are always gonna come when your parenting kids. Who have a lot of different things to do onto alpha parents who are also trying to do things and occasionally sleep in some sense. I would say the message. Here is basically that i can love you a lot and i can still.

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