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Boy was born with a severe deformity. Embarrassment to the family. The was hidden away from the world. In order to quote the lips. Shame known today as the monkey face. Boy this unfortunate soul continues to show his presence at the mansion. Finally william junior tired of his trophy wife and filed for divorce in one thousand nine hundred eight why. She didn't take this step with all of his goings on could be nothing more than a sign of the times. The court proceedings surrounding the divorce became a major saint louis scandal with all four saint louis newspapers devoting extensive front page coverage to the messy affair. The trial opened in february. One thousand nine to crowds that flocked to the courthouse each day to witness the drama of tails of violence drunkenness. Atheism in cruelty virtually ignoring williams decadent activities. Lillian almost lost custody of william limp. The third because of a photograph that was presented at the trial showed her smoking a cigarette. This scandal in the end. She retained custody of their son but soon retired from the public. I the only time that she was ever seen wearing anything other than lavender was on the final day of her divorce proceedings when she appeared entirely in black before the judge trauma with the divorce. Wills troubles had only just begun in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine of the large breweries in the saint. Louis area had combined to form the independent breweries company. Creating fierce competition that the brewery had never faced in the same year will's. Mother died by cancer. On april sixteenth though the breweries fortunes were continually declining. The length mansion was entirely remodelled in one thousand nine eleven and partially converted into offices for the brewery at the same time. William allowed the company's equipment to deteriorate without keeping abreast of industry innovations by world war. One the brewers just barely limping along employment. Well william soon bill day country home on the merrimack river which increasingly retreated and in one thousand fifteen. He married a second time to elliot lindberg. That widow daughter of the late. Saint louis burr casper koehler. Then prohibition came along in one thousand nine hundred nineteen the eventu- individual family members were already wealthy. So there was little incentive to keep the berea float for a time. We'll hope that congress would repeal prohibition but finally gave up and close the lint plant down without notice. The workers learned in the closing when they came to work one day and found the door shut in gates locked on march twentieth. Nineteen twenty also limp William's sister the wealthiest arison saint. Louis shot herself just like her father had years before also said to have been despondent over her rocky marriage liquidating the assets of the plant and auctioning the buildings william junior sold the famous lymph falstaff logo to brew joseph Brian dick riddick for twenty five thousand dollars in one thousand.

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