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You and I are told increasingly. We have to choose between a left or right. Well I'd like to suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There's only an up or down our politics. It becomes so mean so petty so negative so partisan so angry lawmakers lead them away from rivalries irrelevancies and trivialities to a unity idealism purpose and faith. Welcome to the the American Electorate podcasts. You're weekly home for a non partisan breakdown in the news and discussions regarding political philosophy culture and the political process. Army host Gregory Aniston Junior. Thank you so much for joining joining me for this first episode of my podcasts. Whether you're listening to this right after came out or down the road after. The show's become really successful. I'm grateful that you are here in in this first episode. I'll have ton to over I. I would like to talk about how exactly the podcast got started and the rest of the show. I'll explain the basic four matic and the purpose that purpose of the podcast so in two thousand eleven. That's when I discovered Dan Carlin's hardcore history high-caste and and I had already been somewhat of a fan of history. And if you like history please go check out. This podcast is absolutely amazing. You will learn a lot. Just I'm just I'm just GONNA warn you if you happen to like it. Just be prepared to get one new episode a year well Dan Carlin who I have tremendous respect for WHO. I was fortunate enough to meet at a conference in California and he also does will did a podcast called common sense and especially right when I was getting into politics full time. This became my go-to political show. I it's fun it's intelligent and it's really it's really really as old tagline says it's the it's the independent alternative to the partisan forces that you normally hear and this was really win podcasting with starting to take off you really didn't have too many other independence. Pike cast out there now now. There's several of them in there all over Youtube. And that's great. This podcast was one of the few. PODCASTS inspired me me to start podcasts. In general but there was one episode that inspired the birth of this show and the episode was titled Upgrading The electorate he talked about a variety of things. And I don't want to ruin the episode before because I will link to you but I do believe it's behind a paywall but the main question he asked was is it. Is it possible to upgrade the electorate. He also talks about a really difficult issue. And that's the informed level of the ELECTR which I do understand is a touchy topic for some people decades since the sixties when everyone gained the right to vote we developed this notion that everyone everyone needs to fulfill their civic duty and vote regardless of what you know which given the voting rights history in America. I suppose makes some sense. I mean it wasn't till eighteen fifty six to the last date got rid of the property. Requirement woman didn't get the right the votes in nineteen twenty until the nineteen th amendment was ratified hell of Americans had to wait till nineteen twenty four for the right to vote which which of course shows nineteen twenty four because they were of course given the right to vote in eighteen eighty seven provided of course he dissociated with their tribe. which so? We're not gonNA count that and of course the elephant in the room. The Voting Rights Act of nineteen sixty five getting black Americans and other racial minorities. The right to vote boy bringing all that up is of course said classism. Sexism and racism was used in order to deny people the right to vote and that itself is undeniable. Unfortunately what it also did was convinced the country that we should never pursue any type of minimal standard and that. I believe there's a problem it's been said by a lot of people. Many different ways that a well informed electorate is a prerequisite for ineffective democracy and even though well aware they even though there is no consistent definition of what it means to be informed. We all SORTA tacitly agree. That American simply do not know enough now for the record I feel I feel. I desperately feel the need to get this out the way. I'm for laws. Barring people from voting based on what they know nor would I ever be I mean given the nature of what I WanNa talk about on this podcast. I almost am required to bring it up and I've we've heard some interesting arguments on the other side and of course going to bring those up but I would never be for law actually barring people from voting based on what they know what I would like to do is to help define and create an objective standard that the average voter should be live up to. And that's one of the goals of this. PODCAST is creating creating more of a conversation around this crucial topic. You know a lot of people especially when they look at issues with the country tree A lot of people seem to think that things just get better if we could simply get better people and I. I know a lot of people were frustrated with the choice in two thousand sixteen and after after watching. Last week's debates are twenty twenty choices. Aren't looking much better. I personally at one of our main problems is with the election listen slash campaign process. It seems that each year that this process continues without fail to turn up or choices that most people aren't happy with which is why most people in the end in the voting for the lesser evil. Now the next obvious question to ask why is this partially or solely because we continue to get poor candidates. Do we really have that luck or do the voters have anything to do with it. And and and the thing is I'm not talking about voter participation as in the amount of people. Oh who decided what I mean is have we created a bad set of incentives that interns promotes bad behaviors from politicians. That result Holt in US getting the same type of candidates year after year. You know I I don't know I I don't know I don't I don't have all the answers. No one ever claimed to so it's hard for me to not only break break down the process but to pinpoint it down to just one thing I mean I wish I honestly wish I could sit here and say that if we could just fix our debate so that we can get more part. He's up there so we have more legitimate options or that when we do get more candidates up their their. Mike's actually work. Ima Sim talking to you. Hell I would actually settle for an actual debate like an actual debate and not what we have now is where it's essentially a glorified press conference. But but there's no guarantee that even that would help but I do know is that we've been heading down the wrong direction for quite some time and I don't know you spoken to yet so I don't know what side of the aisle you're ear on but if you're interested in making progress on any of these longstanding issues we have to start with fixing the foundation and that foundation indication is us one of the things that makes us so exciting to me said. This is something that we start today. There's no middleman. There's the laws that we have to deal with. We can start this discussion today. We start talking about what it means to be informed and what the voters should be expected to know and we can talk about how. How's improve our discourse? I mean we are right now. More invited than ever by one of the things I can safely say is that we all benefit from an informed electorate accurate so that's the Mo of this podcast each week and second half of the show which will be titled the subject of the Week will talk about issues along these these lines including and not limited to like ways to keep up with news or tips on debates and tactics. Were discussing politics all the time so it's always good to be prepared but that's not all of the issues. I will talk about recovery fair amount of ground. That's why in the opening assess discussions regarding political philosophy culture and the political process. So that's the second half of the show. Now the first half of this show will be a non partisan breakdown of the news and this will be slightly different from what you're used to what I'll do all gather the facts from anywhere from two eight stories depending on what's happening in the news from sites from all over the political spectrum Menaul compile those into what will be the story summary. After that. I'll explain how each of the sources if it's necessary. I'm how they chose to cover the story. So essentially I want to filter out the spin so that while you can make your opinion being based off the facts while still making aware of the narratives that are out there So this podcast will be released every Wednesday about four. Am Eastern Standard Time this show potentially will move to a seasonal format. That's actually why it came out in July I'm that's still further debate though so I will let you know oh foreign events if I ever go down that road each show will last between thirty five to forty five minutes and episode. I chose the timeframe mainly because we know at times they're either may not be a sufficient amount of news or possibly too much to over and I don't WanNa leave certain things out if I can avoid it well well this is the end of the American electorate podcast. Thank you so much for joining me. If you'd like to reach me for any reason at all you can do so at politics podcasts. The G MAIL DOT COM. That is politic podcasts edge email dot com. I am also on Instagram instagram. Dot Com slash official Gregory Anderson Anderson. Also the last plug. I'm on twitter. I'm trying to be just a bit more active and necessarily that's working out but we'll we'll get it the other It's at Greg B. Anderson. Junior is every other one that I want. It was taken but again. Thank you so much for joining me. It's been a pleasure having you. Listen to to me talk about something that I love. I'll see you next week. My friends.

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