Federal Government, John Woodson, National Federation Of Federal discussed on Weekend Edition Sunday


Else. I guess the federal government says this shutdown will cost at least fifty million dollars a day in lost wages and productivity. And that's not just DC eighty five percent of federal workers live outside the Washington region. But there are hidden costs to that go beyond money says Randy Irwin, president of the national federation of federal employees who in the world's gonna to work for the federal government. When people are not able to fill prescriptions are bouncing checks ruining their credit and their eventual unemployment checks will likely be far less than what they were making. And these claims take time to process and bills can add up and for federal employees who do receive unemployment. They'll have to reimburse the money when congress gives them back pay, but federal contractors don't get back pay from the government. Some of them are janitor or cafeteria workers like John Woodson. He spent thirty years working low wage jobs at federal buildings. He arrived at the DC on employment office. Unsure of what was next was from cars or go back the detail. Whatever was him. When does whatever it takes a needle put food on my table. You know, you're here today. Hopefully start receiving some unemployment benefits. Hopefully, you know, who knows he might get away of putting a freeze on it to the he, of course, is President Donald Trump who has said without money for the border wall. The government will not be reopened leaving these workers feeling like there's no end in sight for NPR news in Washington. I'm Patrick Madden..

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