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A stop light has stoplight. Have you heard of stoplight parties like in college where you were green green if you're single yellow if you're in between and right if you're dating someone what a shady thing to where yellow at it was also about just sucks altogether. I was never invited to these by saw that this is so sad but it's like anything but clothes party as a._b._c.'s yan. Dan sees where it's like. Oh i'm gonna trash bag. I think it was just always like trash bags trash bags god. That's like these. No one should be. You haven't sex yeah. What did it against that. In general stopped everyone goes yourselves off. Yeah ah party tips from the boys like its own feed. Stop fucking. Stop jacking off and put them yesterday that that was drinker staying. Well hold on us. I guess for me the pie for one i didn't. I'm sorry citrus to number one. The red is number. Two the the the what was it routes routes three yes and then the green is the third one but i like all of them and they're good hashtag notice stoplight it all just it's those drinkers tank just like a restaurant or your feedback. Let's open to the feedback. This week's email comes to us from mm shane i- shane rights. I grew up as an actual so cal surfer boy. My mom and dad taught me how to surf at a young age. Nevertheless i also also grew up loving in and out and especially their strawberry shakes that was until i was nine years old. My mom bought me an in and out strawberry shake and when i drank about half of it my mom told me her and my dad were getting a divorce fuck. I recently realized that they haven't had a strawberry shake sense. I am now thirty enough. Come to terms with my parents divorce course. I was just wondering if there's a food and drink that you cannot emotionally stomach. Wow oh my that's heavy. That's very heavy. Anything come to mind where it's just like the you're allergic to it or not that you have an aversion but just the emotional connection to it. It's just too powerful so this isn't a particularly negative emotion. Um and i don't mean this is like fuck you. Just it's the probably the strongest association so my parents and i i moved from china. I was about four years old and we were in san francisco. Let's go for a year and then my mom and i i think we were just like on a walk or something we saw this kid eating string cheese like ripping off strands of string cheese and we were like holy shit like what is this that looks so fun and so delicious that gets having the time of his life yeah and then we ate it and it was like the worst thing that we've ever had because she's wasn't a part of our diet at all how it was like the grossest thing in the world and my mom and i also talk about that. It was just like what a fucking that kid got us. Good god it was so yeah that's it's great. That's i mean he's really cheese. Nice unrelated. She's like a little bit of a string cheese renaissance. I was like oh no this is good and you can just buy it into who in your fucking like don't tell me what to do. I'm just buy into it yeah and but then i'm like jesus bad yeah a real string cheese incident pretty. This is crazy. <hes> i disagree with you and your mom or dad. I love it. I think that would like restaurants. I use a frequent like with like someone. I used to date or something like sometimes but not there's not too much honestly for me. I remember being really sick yeah and this is. This is as close as i can get. 'cause 'cause like emotionally like there's places that i like you know. I remember like when my father passed away like i got so they gave me so much. They gave us so much food. Yeah and i remember remember specifically that we got <hes> what what what's like the fruit the fruit the the the the fruit arrangements edible arrangements. We've got.

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