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Our own Jay Webber talked with Michael Huby this morning who is actually doing more than anyone seriously to alert the public to the danger is posed to especially bicyclists and motorcyclists by the streetcar tracks. Eleven claims have already been filed. This is exclusive to the J Weber show. According to attorney, Michael Huby of Huby, and Abraham there have already been eleven claims filed split pretty much down the middle by motorcyclists and bicyclists who run over the tracks Huby says that the most dangerous places have been going east on Saint Paul to turn left onto water street going east on ogbyn also to turn left onto prospect as motorcyclists and bicyclists turn if you run if you're running parallel to the tracks, and you sort of shift and run over them. You can run perpendicular over the tracks, just fine, generally speaking. But if you go parallel over the tracks in your wheel gets caught in it. This is a very very dangerous. Scenario because not only could you be seriously injured in a fall. If you're in the middle of traffic, you are incredibly vulnerable. If there is a car or a bus or something behind you. You just don't have time to get out of the way in the person behind. You doesn't have time to break. So what is doing essentially is raising awareness and also protecting the rights of people who are injured by what I'm sure this firm has got to think is just an incredible like most sane people government folly, and this is just the nature of light rail. There are going to be tracks in the middle of the street, and they are going to pose a public safety risk. And this is just. Folks, I'm not naive here. Downtown you've got drivers in a tight space Friday Saturday night. Maybe they've had a little too much to drink anytime of the day. What is the big problem that we're seeing now distracted driving? Why? Because cell phones are so easy to manipulate while you're behind the wheel I must, and I know this is addict dodo, but see five ten times a day people looking at their phones, I'm not gonna lie and say, I'm not guilty myself. This is this is, but it is it's incredibly dangerous. And if you've got the possibility of a motorcyclist right in front of you downtown to suddenly go down, and you're just looking away for even a second. We make light. But this is a very serious very dangerous. Scenario. And and Abraham really is the law firm that sorta stepping up to highlight this, Tony and Walla tosa, you're on the Dan O'Donnell show. Hello beyond Weijia of not having radio reception. Doesn't that tell me that stray voltage wires, and isn't that a? Yes. But I'm led to believe that. I mean, if a wire goes down. Yeah. Absolutely. Well, you know, there were people would hold for us tubes underneath power the middle glow. And look I think somebody ought to take all I see what you're saying. Yeah. Yeah. I mean that would be an interesting experiment to do. Tony. I'd I'd nominate you if. I'm going to mess around with those types of experiments. I think yeah. Yeah. You can you can be the Ben Franklin of Milwaukee holding the kite with the key. Experiments. I read that three people did that Ben Franklin tasks, and they all got electrocuted and bent somehow live. So I go. Probably smart. If you Tony Lee smart, if you want to do the right thing and the smart thing when you have been in a Fender bender collision something like that. You wanna head demand or collision and glass in Waukesha? I've gotten a number of just great great compliments about the service that manner provides a now car deer collisions are at their peak and manner wants to remind you to be careful put the phone away if you're driving in a wooded area because deer are out there. And did you see that viral video? Oh my goodness. There is a video of a motorcyclist. And there's a camera might be go pro or something, and you can see a car hit a deer and the deer is thrown right at this motorcyclist. It is terrifying. Video but those collisions happen and when they do and your car's been damaged. Hopefully, you're okay, go to manner collision and glass in Waukesha. Most of the time the technique. Mander can get you an Email with an estimate. All you need to do is upload a picture of your car is damaged. Amanda collision dot com. It is matter collision and glass in Waukesha, and it is. Yes. The best decision after a collision.

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