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Offense. Got a matchup one on one with Jake Harris and that was a play we saw working the first half, get him match up against the safety. I believe it was against Jeanne Harris again there and loft one up to the biggest receiver on your team. A huge gain of 31 yards approaching two minutes left. Again, an empty backfield. 5 wide receivers, Travis, pocket closing in on him. He quickly gets in the way, but it is incomplete goes out of bounds intended for Trey Benson as that safety valve, good pressure by NC state's defense. It was great pressure. I thought Jordan Travis is going to take off, but a great job closing down there on the perimeter by JaVale prince price excuse me. And honestly, a great job by Jordan Travis, getting that ball away, airing on the high side so it's incomplete stops the clock and you live to play second and ten. It'll be from their own 48 one 52 paused on the clock NC states. As sports 16 unanswered points after trailing 17 to three. And the previous plays under review for targeting, which the Florida state sideline was calling for over on that play. You saw him go high on the tackle there on Trey Benson, and they're going to take a look and see if that was with The Crown of the helmet. Or leading up top into the head and neck area. We'll try and get a look at the replay here. Yeah

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