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Get a caller to from our listeners here. We've got to Gary, who's calling from Daly City, Gary. Thanks for holding on your on with Russ Baker. Go ahead. Yeah. Thank you, Mr Baker. You show you're probably watching your back tonight. I do. I've been around the world for the government's final. Saudi Arabia is my enemy. Make it quick. Let's not forget. When Bush went there, he kissed his ring, which made me puke. Trump's first trip was to Saudi Arabia was not forget that either. But the thing I want to know is when they were telling everybody in Arizona and Jamal gets soggy. God rest his soul. Let's not forget him. But when they were telling everybody in Arizona, Minnesota, we got a lot of money flowing in here. We've got people here that don't want to learn how to Take off or land just to fly and the agents were there. Who stopped them? How did that agent who stopped the investigations there? Well, that's a very good question. As you probably know. There are people who left the FBI, uh, who were investigated the eggs. There were very, very upset. And by the way, one of the investigators on the Florida thing they shipped that person off as far as they could. And told me keep their mouth shut. Um And then, and then I've talked to investigators for other agencies who told me that they were either taken off. The cases are told to keep their mouth shut, too. I mean, it's It's a really It's like it's like fiction, you know, and who can put it together that I don't know. It's got to be put together At some point, Russ, somebody's got to have enough. I don't know Integrity to do something real about this. Let's see. Charles Charles is calling from Sebastopol. Charles. Hi. Welcome to KGO You are on with Russ Baker. Go ahead. Hi, there. Patent really Glad you have your guest on the air, So I actually have a copy of the peanut doctrine. I've been studying for quite a long time. It's absolutely true. It sites specifically, we take a Pearl harbor like event. To get the public's okay or support for going into Iraq, etcetera. So a couple of things come to mind? No. You know of. Well, first that this year A and the FBI did not share information at all. I mean, they were actually are And the reason I bring this up is because you know, Cheney was really the brainchild of this thing. This this is decaying, baby, And then everyone else was very part of the process. But what if I'm just here out? Just what if I can? Just a couple of people on the inside knew that something was going to be coming out of Saudi? Greater? They didn't know exactly what it was. I don't think they anticipated something horrible has 9 11, but they figured, okay, some terrorists gonna show up. They're going to pull up on more. You know, cause some kind of mayhem in shopping malls, and he just enough to kind of investigate this sort of peanut doctor group be put in place. I was kind of wondering, Do you think that's something that might be on the radar? Rest. Well, I don't want to, uh, you know, uh, impute motives or predict what they might have thought. But I will say that certainly. If we're all reasonable about human nature, uh, the idea that if something bad happens, uh, there's something good could come out of it. It would not be new. And certainly I think if you talk to your friends who work at a police department, where there's never any crime that's hardly good for them or their budget. So I'll leave it at that. Yeah, it but you have to start wondering about motives of some of these. Individuals. I do want to say, though, that the am I understanding is and rescue correct me. I know that there are these connections to the Saudis. I know there are connections to the royal family. They tried to keep those connections, not direct connections. There are entities they go through, including charities, but the connections do make their way. It's like six degrees of Kevin Bacon. They make their way to the royal family. I know that The hijackers themselves and Osama bin Laden network. Al Qaeda was not operating out of Saudi Arabia. They were operating out of Afghanistan in the mountains of Afghanistan. I believe, uh, that's true, right? So the connections were more remote connections, weren't they? Well, yeah, I mean, they were. They were not running it directly out of Riyadh. No, I mean, they had, uh, they had these people, uh, in in member in Hamburg. Remember that right? Yeah, That's right. I forgot the world. Yeah, yeah, and and and and that's important, But you see, the thing is, you got to go read this FBI report because they describe these guys. As one of these characters who is in control, It describes that he's dropping them off on a on a bus bench. In Culver City, and these guys don't know any English. They don't understand the bat the maps that the buses He's just dropping him off. I mean, none of this makes any sense. I mean, the hijackers themselves. Don't make any sense. These guys were basically unformed. You know, if he would believed they were they say they were, which is a whole other story. These guys, you know, really, I mean, To pull off something that masterful. I mean, it's extraordinary and and and, you know, you do have to ask questions about Is that feasible? Yeah, at the time. I mean, it seems like it was because We weren't anticipating anything like that. We were complacent, and frankly, I wish we were again. I mean, I miss those days when we didn't really worry about our security against some sort of an attack like that. Um, today, it seems like it's inconceivable and it did see, I mean, they used those box cutters. All of that was just very, very odd. It also seems as if the one of the things that really pushed Osama bin Laden that he resented one of the reasons we were. The great Satan was because Saudi Arabia had allowed us into Um, the country and that we, by our presence defiled Medina and Mecca. Um, do you think that's a hijacker? Should they ever express any indication that that was one of their motivations Because, you know, we defiled the holiest lands and Islam. So that has always been raised in a course Saudi Arabia Key key key thing providing basis for the U. S. And the U. S needs those bases badly. Uh, so you know, there's another reason that the U. S is beholden. But yes, of course. But you have to remember that these impressionable young men, many of them are poorly educated. Uh, somebody's putting ideas in their head, right? It's not like it's not like they've got a sophisticated analysis of geopolitics, you know, so that has to be considered to who's who's putting these people up to that to that. And why, And of course, the civil was Osama bin Laden. And then and then when they when they captured him. Well, they didn't capture him, right. They they killed him. Why did they capture him? You know, you may remember who and why I reported on at the time we said, what the heck were they went in there? And they killed this guy right away. And and nobody complained, Uh, you know, that guy held all the answers. Right, and they dumped his body off of the ship. I mean, that's a strange story. Don't think I do. You couldn't you couldn't even identify it. Yeah, I do. Think it's strange. I mean, I mean, it violates every rule. I know the rules. I know the explanation was because it had something to do with inciting people by seeing the body. Hey, look, I'm looking at our clock. We're totally out of time. You have to come back again soon. I'm sorry that it's been so long since we've spoken. You guys have been doing some great reporting at who? What? Why? And I look forward..

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