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Special report. Senator John McCain has. Died McCain. Passed away, yesterday at his home in Sedona Arizona surrounded by his family he was Eighty-one. Correspondent Karen Kay I says McCain made many of the funeral, plans himself had wanted to former political rivals to eulogize him had extended the idea to both former President George W Bush who defeated him in the Republican presidential primary in two. Thousand and also former President Barack Obama who defeated him in the general presidential election. In two thousand eight and he had said he did not want President Trump to attend. His funeral Friday John McCain's family said he was stopping medical treatment for an aggressive form of brain cancer he began chemotherapy last summer and has been away from Washington since December Arizona law requires, the governor to choose a person from the same party as a Senator who. Dies in office or, resigns whoever is. Named will serve, until the general election in twenty twenty special report I'm Christopher cruise. For the twenty, ninth consecutive year. The number of students, participating in high school sports has increased but a, new report shows fewer of. Them are playing football, the national. Federation of state high school association says for the second year in a row there's a. Decline in Hamedani students are taking part in full contact football, the report found in two thousand seventeen there was a decrease of more than twenty one thousand players the sports Saul reduction of twenty eight thousand in two thousand sixteen from the. Previous year minute punk high school football coach Dave Nelson once the client happens you. Got to work really hard to get it back even with the steps being taken to. Make the sport safer parents are choosing not to have their kids play football I'm Kerry shoemaker federal judge has rejected President Trump's executive orders that would make it easier to fire federal employees the, judge said the orders would undermine federal employees collective bargaining rights I'm Christopher cruise Hey, there I'm. A glue stick.

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