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The drug. Right? Drugs that were in his system played a role in Mr Flight stuff, In my opinion, Yes. Dr. Lindsay Thomas, A forensic pathologist was also called to the stand. During her questioning, Prosecutor Gerry Blackwell ridiculed the defense attorneys hypothetical questions suggesting that Floyd's death was not caused by restraint by police. And that report from national correspondent Jennifer King. It was a winning session on Wall Street for investors to end the week Friday with the Dow up 297 points. Oil prices down 28 pennies a barrel. Breaking news and analysis at town hall dot com. Amazon workers in Alabama have rejected an effort to unionize here's correspondent Ben Thomas. The National Labor Relations Board reports. The majority of workers that Amazon's warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, voted against the union. The totals were 738 in favor, 1798 Against of the more than 3000 votes cast. 76 were avoided and more than 500 contested. Either Amazon or the retail, Wholesale and department store union, which led the organizing effort. However, the NLRB E says the contested votes are not enough to sway the outcome. The union says it intends to file an objection with the NLRB, charging the company with illegally interfering with the vote. I'm Ben Thomas. His body is 60 countries might be stalled at the first shot to their coronavirus vaccinations because nearly all deliveries who's a.

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