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Now highway thirty six east bound at church ranch backups well past was worth and police are still cleaning up that bad accident southbound Quebec at seventy second Avenue fox thirty one pinpoint weather partly cloudy tonight thirty three tomorrow partly sunny forty seven is forty nine in Denver right now this report is sponsored by a local Colorado BMW center hurry into the B. M. W. road home sales event and receive a credit of up to forty five hundred dollars on select models now through January second see a Colorado BMW center today or visit B. M. W. Colorado dot com I'm Dave honor on KO eight fifty A. M. a ninety four one FM the voice of Colorado top stories on K. away a big day for college football in Colorado major universities retooling their programs northern Colorado hiring former Bronco old Bronco color man and valor Christian coach ed McCaffrey as head coach the bears finished two and ten this season under fired coach Ernest Collins a new C. S. U. coaches Steve Addazio introduced in fort Collins this afternoon adagio saying he's impressed canvas stadium little bit field incredible I've been in a few rooms turned round side ways one of them I was in and also has kinda looking on Michael the was the mountains right out there the sixty year old it does the spent the last seven seasons as head coach at Boston College his five year contract in fort Collins has a base salary of one point five million dollars with annual raises of fifty thousand dollars NBA Carmelo Anthony returning to Pepsi center tonight as the nuggets host Portland and a good day on Wall Street the Dow finishing up to twenty one nasdaq up sixty three the S. and P. up twenty seven I'm David Kay okay away eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM the voice of Colorado this holiday you have a shot to win one million dollars listen for the key words in week days every other hour sponsored by Matthews fine watches in K. away looking to sell your used Rolex watch we buy and sell pre owned Rolex watches.

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