Greg Hardy, UFC, Dana discussed on Ariel Helwani's MMA Show


So I have no problem with him coming back at this point. I feel like the train has left the station as far as the debate whether or not he should be in the UFC or m as concern. It's just can we just use them the right way. You know what? I mean don't force them down our throats put him in the right spots, build them up. And then maybe you got something with the guy. That's what I was gonna say to which is like, I think people need to move on from whether he's he should be in it or not because we've already debated that a million times he has a really troubled past. But it just it's not worth debating at this point Dana put him in there. You put him in the Komen event of the first card on ESPN. Clearly, they they see big things at him. And he doesn't plan on stopping using them. See I'll I'll be the one contrarian voice on that topic. I think it still is worth debating whether or not he should be in the UFC because people are still continuing to debate. Now, do I think? It'll have any affect no. But I still think it's worth the question because of his background because of his background. And that's because if should he be given a second chance in the bigger question. There's a there's a great documentary wide documentary on Showtime called prison fighters were convicted criminals in the Thai prison system are able to fight in toxin for their freedom. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out, but it's made by Phil's brother-in-law. So that's a little plug there. Also, the producer for the thirty for thirty choker studio. Is that true? Yeah. No that oh, what's his name, Michael Brown? Okay. Great guy. Shut give it give it a look. Now is this brother-in-law like your wife, brother, brother? Wow. So the the question there is that that was posed in that documentary is Ken violent men be redeemed through violent ex is is mixed. Martial arts. A a way to take someone who had. If I passed or Greg hardy, I keep saying alleged. Can we say that because it was convict? He was convicted. But it was but later in a bench trial. Yes. And then wanted to jury trial in North Carolina out of court settlement with the accuser. And then, but it has been expunged from his record. I'm just crash Ryan to say it all accurately, you gotta right. You gotta right. So can a person with that track record be redeemed through a violent sport. Okay. Answer the question. What do you think? I don't. I think there are circumstances where it can be. Yes. So I, but I still think it's worth debating in terms of Greg hardy every time he goes out. I mean, it is a bit of a scarlet letter, and I don't think that's unfair that anytime he he comes out should this guy be and the UFC. And that was that's the issue in the NFL as well. You see guys who are he was he was given a second chance because he was an all pro defensive lineman Ray, if he was a fringe player he was an average NFL player. I don't think any team would have signed him. And you see that across the board. Why is why is Kareem hunt? Getting a second chance Ray rice, not I know we're leaving the MA sphere here. But I think it all came down to his athletic potential is to why he was given a second chance. I don't you hate to see that as the gauge. But I think since so many people are asking that question. It's fair for us in this format to ask the same question. Even if we had that conversation for five fights down the road. I don't think it's to a point where it's like oh that ship has sailed fair enough. Then I couldn't agree more. And I think it's great that you bring that up. I want to ask you guys this question if Greg hardy was a guy think he lasted six or seven seasons in the NFL if he was a guy that just had a crib exacts incur that he had. But none of the other stuff. Right. The violence in his personal life six seven years. And then decide I'm gonna come to 'em going to try it out. Would he have been in the Coleman event? Oh, and that's that's weird. That's what bothers me a little bit. With bothers me a lot of it, actually..

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