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Playing these clips the FBI agents association says we're not getting paid right? We've got the USDA union chief or union at least I gotta get a right? Florence cannon USDA union rep in Chicago, right? I mean, we've got real people right getting hurt. Right. FBI ages, FBI employees, right, USDA, employees all across eight hundred thousand people getting real people. They're getting hurt. If John Boehner were a democrat, wouldn't he be saying how then can a guy sitting in the White House spend new money hiring seventeen new lawyers on the government's payroll? The Trump White House has just hired seventeen. New lawyers to help them handle the fallout of the Mueller investigation, and any potential fallout from Democrats taking over the investigative committees in congress, and that is not like me rounding up to the nearest seventeen to come up with a ridiculously large sounding number. We want the Washington Post is reporting tonight is that they have literally just hired seventeen new lawyers Rachel manner. We do thank MSNBC for that. We're senior legal analyst. I'm now the new White House counsel's again, name, sip Aloni, Pat, sip baloney, and the guy I trust you. Remember, the earlier guy's name was Don Mcgann, right? We always heard the name, Don Mcgann. Hey, we Don mcgann's out. And the new guys pants it baloney. And he's a real lawyer mean he's very skilled and very well regarded he's a real lawyer. I don't know what prompted him to take this job. But my snark aside. I mean Benedict Donald gone self a real lawyer and Pat sip baloney. Being a real lawyer looked at what's going on. Oh, we're in deep trouble here boil voice super deep trouble. So Pat supplies got staff up man, we need we need we need. Lots of is. There's a Warren's Yvonne song send lawyers guns and money beefed up. White House legal team is gearing up to prevent president. Trump's confidential.

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