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The pressure was on to get all the storage she needed from that one site the refugee camp she was lat into this cold id hudribusch it was the temporary home for twenty seven thousand asylumseekers the vast majority where a train exiles who crossed the border fleeing the repressive regime the rebecca head research show that this before she arrived but that didn't prepare half the vast scale of the camp set up in 2010 the original tents had been replaced by rowuponrow of hollow concrete shocks overlaid with sheets of corrugated iron children play football in the dust attended to small flocks of goats donkey led cots kicked up as they ferried supplies to small shocks dotted across the hut rebecca's guides led to a series of classrooms the to be built to support the hundreds of children living in the and among the desolate poverty there was something fund go a pleased beautiful dance teacher was leading a crowd of young children in a traditional ira train dumb the teacher coat revealed his eyes she was teaching the young people have to dumped an initially i just a shame that she was an an ngo wacko i didn't realize that she herself was mary trimbe refugee because of the way that she held herself she was so a fairy confident i'm so a very attractive charismatic woman the woman was for any amid twenty year old who is teaching dance to children in the camp amongst the poverty and hardship the class prompted smiles advocate crafts beat rebecca knew she wanted to hear has story sushi arranged for an interview so uh we we had an initial interview am she bush he said he didn't speak english but she cheat on the sounds english shutting she wished a shy so we spoke fru a translator on i kind of got the bat bones of her story so this was in a classroom they were free of us i'm one of the someone from the charity that kind of runs these clauses and said he started.

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