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Your apartment and you'll living somewhere else you can't live with the smell in the faces you dot it's just horrible so that's when it hits him he's go friend wasn't renting david ferries apartment she actually was renting david ferries lap where he was trying to create a cancerous bioweapon to possibly all my goal he'll fidel castro with a link to jfk do we have any measure about did she die of cancer anything happened to her no we don't this is where we have to live the story wow so this is this is the setup and i'm going to complete this story on tuesdays posits stench in we're going to find out who david ferrie really was we going to find out the gruesome details of mary sherman's mudder we're going to find out why arm was removed we're gonna find out about mafia connections that david ferrie had we're gonna find out why he had women's clothes in his wardrobe we're gonna find out the cia projects connected with this and the deadly weaponized monkey virus and its connection to jfk's assassination and ultimately why the jfk files will never be released again coming up on monday's show i couldn't fit it all into this episode no i understand that's his truly incredible but just before we go into a plus extension and we're going to switch it up a little bit when i go to be talking about aquatic bigfoot for so it's kind of a bit of a jump but i just wanna hypothesize about this moment.

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