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Where you try to get deeper into a number of the issues that we discussed on the show we also have full social coverage on virtually all social channels that you could imagine at and why C. B. D. official including our you tube station so take a look if you'd like on you too all right let's move the first segment of our show cannabis in the tri state plus one and let's begin in New York last Tuesday I headed up to great Barrington Massachusetts and went to visit scenery wellness a marijuana dispensary located in the Berkshires as many of you know I had a house in the upstate and I happen to love great Barrington so I kind of went up there just to kind of see how things were going when I arrived at the dispensary there was already a line out the door we'll have a day that was a thirty in the morning yes in a lot of them by the way I think I think they're off and running out of cannabis by one o'clock in the afternoon damn the legal dispensaries about forty five minute drive from Albany and six miles from the border all of New York a quick glance at the license plates in the parking lot on this particular day showed that just about every customer had come from New York where cannabis as you all know remains illegal for adult gives I talked with Michael Lawton who makes the drive here about once a month from Schenectady he says he has been using cannabis as a replacement for the sleeping meds his doctor has recommended I would say forty percent of our customers are coming from New York or Connecticut said one of the sales folks at the dispensary this is apparently building since it opened a year ago even with a twenty percent tax there in the last year they've done roughly forty million dollars in volume out of a single dispensary right just on the recreational side alone now when I say the recreational side in Massachusetts there dispensaries that can be medicinal only or medicinal plus recreational so we're just talking about the recreational side alone let me put that in perspective a typical dispensary in an adult you state call that Colorado Michigan Oregon etcetera does roughly eight to twelve million dollars annually right in adults sales so here's an operation that's doing three to four times that that includes about two hundred thousand unique customers from all over the globe as well as virtually every state to come through there adding to the Massachusetts cannabis control commission last year the first full year of legal marijuana sales for which data was available dispensaries did four hundred and thirty million dollars in business resulting in about a seventy one million dollar incremental tax revenue for the Commonwealth that number is expected to grow higher in the coming years and New York estimates about three hundred million per year if it was legalized in the empire state because that's gonna disappoint all those people in great Barrington and a few of the other cities that are out there right on the border because all this volume of coming across the state line might actually come to an end in two thousand and fifteen New York approved a medical marijuana program but it was very controlled the program does not allow the drug to be smoked at all which is the most common form of ingesting it that is why Lawton said he won't and roll when he would repeat that he won't and role in new York's program in the state comes to Massachusetts with all the problems with vape pens and everything in the past few months I'm really reluctant to try anything that is manufactured because you're really don't know what's in it he said I want to go to Jeremy from in on this and just get his perspective you're gonna hear quite a bit more from him as we progress the show but Jeremy what are your thoughts on this gentleman who literally is going across the state line to get flowered cannabis because he's concerned about buying it New York because they don't allow flower purchases your thoughts I think he has a great point I would support him in his trip all right governor Andrew Cuomo said this another from slips I don't know how many of you have listened every show but we don't think every week it's hard not to because after all is the governor of New York where the show was out of and my friend here is constantly providing that wonderful reinforced so when he goes to the voting booth this year I also know what you're about to say which is really make the way in how do you know what I'm about to say have you read my mind I've read the prop you've read the prep that's astounding right after thirty eight weeks you're finally reach out I'm so excited to hear that all right so let's go back to the governor Andrew Cuomo said this week if marijuana doesn't get legalized in the budget due April one he doesn't think it will get done at all as is or both the Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart cousins says she believe its prospects of getting done this year are about as good as last year's when lawmakers couldn't come up to terms and the issue fell off the table but that doesn't sound very good to me I don't know New York seems to keep struggling on this issue it's really quite surprising since all the states around us are rapidly moving towards adult use state senator Peter Parker of Democrat from Westchester county said the marketplace has spoken so it's time we tax this and could put the money to social good Mister Harkin was one of several democratic senators who last year were reluctant to embrace cannabis legislation in recent months Mister Markham said he too had travel to Massachusetts where marijuana is sold in retail stores and found Hey guess what quote the sky is not falling close quote all right let's move on despite a recent Siena college research institute poll which showed support for legalizing marijuana was it hovering around sixty percent in New York the New York state PTA parent teachers association which represents schools parents of course all over the state said quote we're in the middle of the vaping an opioid epidemic and to add another drug makes no sense at all to us close quote so obviously the battle lines are being drawn and they've been drawn for some time so we'll just have to wait and see where this thing ends up all right let's move on to New Jersey another interesting politically bound situation medical cannabis patients roles continue to grow to more than sixty seven thousand patients in New Jersey the state has reduced the mandated number of doctor visits from.

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