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Are you surprised that given these facts no republicans have spoken out including rod ironic romney mcdaniel and other leaders of the republican national committee no i'm not surprised i think overcomes the money and politics both parties are fully hypocrites uh a what this is about is that a pendants on uh of both parties on people have a lot of money that's why donald trump likes uh mr wynn because he has a lot of money he brings money end of the party and of the political campaign that's why the democrats lakhdar rewind style we need to get both parties to return all the money from all these mega donors and i don't care if they're perverts like these to man or people want to pollute the environment destroy the planet the cole brothers or people want to bankroll white nationalism uh like the mercer family these people have no right to dominate our political system our office holders should not be beholden to them and then have to remain silent when they engage in this type of behaviour all this money dis to go back we need to get rid of set of the dotted this is about money in politics corruption caused by money in politics and we could talk about all the issues whether at sexual assault and perverts or whether it's destroyed an environment or whatever they're doing and they want our government to help to forum but we need them out of our political system or we're gonna lose our democracy in both parties are at fault they a point fingers at each other all they want voters are fed up and you know on corinne is it is this a both parties the same situation i mean uh senator al franken was run out of town by the democrats really pushed by kirsten jila brand to actually leap office meanwhile here to some of what steve wynn has has done in terms of money and he's given money in the past the democrats i should note uh he's given money to greg gianforte and that is he gave him money the day after by the way he bodyslammed a reporter he threw cut him a cheque karen handel of georgia dean heller who is really in trouble in nevada jeff flake who's leaving in arizona and on and on and on he's he's also raise money for the national republican senate committee in the net and the rnc uh he's also.

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