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Commercial flight to land in his country last week in order to arrest a journalist onboard. The White House says the U. S will reimpose full blocking sanctions against nine Belarusian state owned enterprises and will work with allies to develop a list of targeted sanctions against key members of Lukashenko's regime. The Biden administration called diverting the plane in the subsequent arrest, a quote direct affront to international norms. The European Union is also discussing slapping Belarus and more sanctions with leaders meeting in Portugal, describing the incident as state piracy. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the criticism with Lukashenko and outburst of emotions. Dave Mystic NPR news The White House says President Biden's planned meeting with Russia's Vladimir Putin next month is still on despite a new hacking attack aimed at the U. S federal government. As NPR's Dina Temple Raston reports Microsoft of financial supporter of NPR is blaming Russian hackers for the cyber intrusion. This week, They found hackers in a bunch of international development in human rights organization systems. And as best as they can tell, the hackers broke into a company that was helping us a I D with marketing. And they use that hack to send phishing emails. You know, Microsoft told us it wasn't a huge hack, they said Maybe as many as 3000 accounts for either hacked or threatened, maybe as many as 150 institutions, but they think the actual numbers are probably a lot smaller than that. Dispute over reparations is disrupting the centennial commemoration of the Tulsa Race massacre when a white mob attacked the thriving black community of green wood as many as 300 people were killed and what was known as Black Wall Street was destroyed. NPR's Debbie Elliott reports, organizer's have called off a headline event after no agreement could be reached overpayments to survivors. Monday's remember and rise ceremony was to honor the three living survivors of the 1921 told so race massacre and was to feature singer songwriter John Legend and Georgia voting rights activist Stacey Abrams. It was called off after negotiations broke down over the amount of payments to survivors and descendants of the attack. Talz attorney to Mario Solomon Simmons represents them in a lawsuit seeking reparations. So fire is and descendants were denied the opportunity to even be a part of the Tulsa race masses into your commission. This is something that has been a slap in the face President Joe Biden is scheduled to be in Tulsa on Tuesday to mark the centennial. Debbie Elliott NPR news This is NPR news. In a London courtroom today. An 18 year old man was charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the shooting last weekend of a high profile black lives matter, activist Sasha Johnson, who was an Oxford University graduate, was shot in the head and remains hospitalized in critical condition. Colombia's president is deploying military forces to the southwestern city of Cali. The move comes after at least three people died in anti government protests yesterday. Tens of thousands of Colombians have been demonstrating for a month. Protests were triggered by tax changes. But demands have broadened since then movie theaters across the U. S a re opening more than a year after covert 19 closed them. NPR's Mandali del Barco reports on what's opening on big screens, the National Research group reports at 70% of movie goers air now comfortable going back to movie theaters. People out there. Emily.

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