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Happened with the class of nineteen twenties it happened with the with the john birch society and the clinton nineteen fifties and also the white citizens council the nineteen fifties that take back emerge as a response to the brown v board of education decision it happened with john birch society in the fifties and sixties as partially as a response to this is simple rights movement it happened in with the tea party responsible bum so i mean this you know i mean i understand people want to be optimistic i i understand that but let me tell you i cannot afford to be optimistic but i hope it cost up as i see it yes you have said though that after periods of rachel progress there are periods of racial retrenchment which is what you feel like we're going to right now but that would then assume that maybe we would have a new era racial progress again so are you optimistic that this too shall pass or do you think that there's some real significant damage that's been done that that could be permanent i'm not suggesting you know trump getting elected is something that's a reputable that's not at all what i'm saying so in that sense i agree with diana on the other hand i i do believe that yes it should be some racial progress coming up here real soon how soon they will take a sex i don't know but i think it needs to be more progress across a variety of fronts not only when it comes to race what also when it comes to gender also when it comes to the immigrants also when it comes to same sex rights right i wanna make this clear when we talk about what's happening with trump would happen what happens the tea party in all these other right wing movement it's not solely clinton the nineteen twenties was also about gender and class so this is not solely relegated to rate this is a cross a variety of fronts the you've said that you hope that trump's election will force us to reckon with who we really are which is all these things that you just mentioned are you still hopeful that we will have that reckoning that positive bringing that up i tend to look at this glass half full because no longer can this country denied it is a racist sexist homophobic phobic ly period i mean we got a cheap offender in the white house right now and it's and it's a perfect the angeles just said a few minutes ago he's really blatant about it this is not dog this stuff he's right out there with it so i do believe this is a chance to show what we really are in america like all we really are we that shining city on a hill or something else i think it's a grand opportunity christopher parker professor in the department of political science at the university of washington his forthcoming book as the great white hope donald trump race in the crisis of democracy thanks for joining us this morning thank you have a good weekend you to let me go to more calls let's go to kneel in san francisco hi neil yeah hello good program very good topic it is difficult with the different terminology for example prejudice versus racism on with our went without but my comment or question is could your guest talk a little bit about why this economic fear versus racism racism needs to be so dualistic for example can't someone have economic fear and because they have this economic fear they map that onto i'll call it racist racist tendencies why does it have to be elected trump because of racist fears or i elected trump because economic here's why does it have to be one or the other why can't it be those and i tell trailing their if your guests wanna comment on what i'll call the scholarship on what i'll call the history of racism being economic in this in this country going back to play with me too much so my middle is named point diana much do you wanna start sure absolutely correct it doesn't need to be either or or but when we look at the data we can find lots of evidence on status racial anxiety that sort of thing and we really can't find evidence that people who are anxious about their economic circumstances worried about saving for retirement unemployed declining family financial situation all these types of ways we try to.

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