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Cooled down. And I think that might be a good strategy for you, by now, least later, humble Hyundai and wheezing Hyundai or at my website under certified beavers. There's no reason to guess when you could know what to do about your next car called Car Pro Yusa at 1 896 77 77. Now here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. The creek fire is burning more than 45,000 acres, according to Cal fire, and it is still 0% contained. Evacuations have been issued for areas around Shaver Lake, where hundreds of campers have been rescued from the front lines. Creek Fire is the latest in a historic year of California fires where the Ellen you complex and Stu Complex fires are still burning a combined 750,000 acres nearing 90% containment. Pacific Gas and electric warning that it may turn off power due to gusty winds. The company on Saturday said if power is shut off, it could affect upto 103,000 customers in 17 counties. San Leandro is being hit by a Siri's of small earthquakes. That's the news. I'm Phil Farrar. Sacramento traffic. Good evening. An accident in Sacramento has got your foot to riding the brakes. North found 99. After 12 Avenue. A couple cars have collided on the right shoulder on ambulance.

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