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Clause or cardoso or little fine print that allows them to slip out of their obligation to pay john and jane smith and she that's where the tragedy comes in and you're right david day with katrina a couple of yasser uh companies actually did that i know but i guess from getting yeah ideas i i think we're doing a disservice to the people that live there and we're just doing a disservice we cannot as a country continue to pay off on mega million dollar billion dollar ticket items alternate or nonproductive impairment i know you're up against the clock do you want to hold did you on a comeback well i'd almost need your responses off the air in okay hit yourself good evening when you want to get out tomorrow ten o'clock news is next cbs news update hurricane erma once again category five packing sustained winds of one hundred sixty miles per hour it's now in the home stretch toward florida and residents who have an evacuated will start feeling the effects this morning not only of at a very strong storm very large storm warning you're gonna have a longer duration of the chuck book tropicalstorm force wind and hurricaneforce winds at it make your way to florida weather service forecaster larry kelly more than five and a half million people evacuated ahead of the storm taking the advice of officials including miami beach mayor philip levin i never thought i'd be telling people not to come to my these or lead miami beach but this was a purse and and we were able to get a lot of people out corresponded kenneth gray i spoke with one man who was building a makeshift dam in his garage of to try to prevent the water from coming in but he was packing up getting ready to leave and he told me he was packing as if he might not come back for a long.

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