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Radio news special report the corona virus pandemic you are Hugh Hewitt doctor Sebastian Gorka as you said the president said mixed messages to one of the things he said is I don't think Republicans want to be in a position where they bail out states that are or have been mismanaged over a long period of time yeah John it's astounding that he even introduces the question of red states and blue states he's saying it out loud he is politicizing a pandemic not being patriotic not talking about all Americans and how to bring us all back together we're all connected that was incredibly the man all of New York bill de Blasio who's accusing the president of politicizing the pandemic we are opening the discussion with my co host you hear it and my fellow national host Dennis Prager here on a corona virus one hour special if you haven't seen it yet you must Dennis is new movie with Adam corolla is no safe spaces a ninety nine percent fresh rating on rotten tomatoes just stunning but not really it is not good in Dennis's give you twenty five percent off because he knows all sequestered away go to No safe spaces dot com promo code save twenty five watch this movie on what political correctness is doing to this nation how to win back the Republic Dennis I played that because all flying off you joined us on the show in the break you said you are living in conditions in California you never thought you would live on the I I I think that probably reflected in that quote from bill de Blasio but share without millions of listeners and viewers across the nation what you mean by that all right I am a pessimist about the human condition because I eat I'm out of school only if only a fool believes the the human nature is basically good which is why America is such a more folders created a largely good society despite the fact that human nature is some trouble obviously human nature has to admit or that would be impossible nevertheless despite the fact that to to see that in my state of California or Oregon that aim AT governor first of all has the power I don't understand I I I really do like he to defer to you but I do I don't I still don't understand why it's constitutional for him to tell someone you may not open your hair salon as the woman arrested in Texas it's not just California California is particularly stupid because we have so few deaths Mike McCollum yesterday which I beg people to read your mind I I never say this is on why this is probably the greatest the worldwide mistake made in human history not the now I'm not talking about peoples moderate slavery the Holocaust gulag those results this is a mistake and it continues so what's what I said to you I just I I I just you couldn't have made we believe I would have thought you were a crackpot if you would have predicted this level of tyranny in the United States he is the founder of Prager you and also the author of the rational Bible has Dennis just alighted upon the difference between you and Hugh that he is at his base nature a pessimist about the human form of the existence of nature and you are an optimist is that why you are oil in water no I took two things and I really have a question for you both you're both expert on communism first I would note that the only radio talk show host on in our network who endorsed the Blodgett with Dennis Prager and I want people to know that secondly I would like to put your both experts on communism Dennis said this was a mistake the president at the Lincoln Memorial two nights ago said what's the deal with them letting fly from Wuhan to places around the globe but not letting them fly from Wuhan to other cities in China he went on to say you could make a case and then he trailed off he he meant to say he clearly implied you can make a place they did that Hey it's a case that they did this on purpose so I put it to you to experts on communism why are we are burning our eyes they did this on purpose after they were screwed in order to make sure they were not comparatively disadvantaged I you to anti communist it's not a mistake it was a strategy Dennis is a is is all colleagues you trying to make us look at a new shiny object to divert us there were two separate issues here right the genesis the genesis of covert or the Wuhan virus and the lockdown in the world the lockdown is the mistake the Wuhan is the criminality Q. well I I and Dennis do you agree with the president that the criminality belongs to the communist Chinese party yes of course it's it's it's it's I'm proud of that let me let me see it is the evil empire even though it doesn't have an empire outside of Tibet at this time but would like to have one it is the evil empire of our time and decides will will fall exactly as they did during the Cold War conservatives will oppose communist China and and the left will oppose the conservatives we are great and I believe this is the election of twenty twenty right now right here crystallized as did Martha McSally on the show this morning everyone's gonna get right on the key issue here is where did this come from yes mistakes have been made and I doubt if I will disagree on where various of those are because I'm more cautious than he is but I I think we will agree that ultimate responsibility rests with some decision makers in Beijing has set up as the president said why not let him have it we've got it we might as well be screwed equally or what will look like fools in front of the world it is patently obvious if you listen to what sector Pompey another's a saying it is the phrase that Peter Navarro use China whether it was engineered accidentally release China ceded the world with the corona virus once it had occurred that's their culpability the problem that I said I think with Dennis's analysis that we share together is the one size fits non policy the idea that South Dakota has to be shot down the same as Los Angeles is she insanity when you have nine foot tattoos for the whole state of South Dakota we have Donald Trump junior on the show this morning and he said he agreed with use you and I'd like Dennis to respond this is the issue in a hundred eighty eight hundred eighty days time in America whether you believe Donald Trump will be providing the effective response to China whether it'll be somebody like Joe Biden can we summarize the choices that Starkey Dennis one of the many stark choices at eight if the Democratic Party it doesn't matter if it's Joe Biden Joe Biden it is in nothing is truly eat he isn't he the biggest nothing to run for president in my lifetime no no I I I mean it it it I can't even dislike him he is he he stands for nothing he is now we'll watch this because the party is left that's it he he and we've got to mention the double standard I mean between Brett Kavanaugh and and the hysteria in the in the media and the virtual silence over the obvious truth I'm not saying he should even resigned from running for president I'm saying the media should resign from any any concept that even being truth tellers in into the delivery of news I mean I I gotta tell you the the the bad stuff is still large that my heart breaks because I have such a war for this country what the elites including the scientifically lead or **** America all that powerful notes please follow Dennis Prager on Twitter Prager U. dot com is his incredible organization I like the new codicil to his Twitter bio Costa of no safe spaces I'd like to be a costar thank you Dennis.

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