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Battle Oh you His life was. Over now he's that saw it in the doctor's faces the way they looked. At, me Surges that that means Were just doing a job in this Going through the motions like they know And the ages friend Don will Simpson lived just down the hall from him on the twentieth. Floor of their building in coop city he was in the crowd outside the station that day He was dead Today he was holding them to. The, avalanche game yeah He, was fed up protect itchy that's, Donohoe's mom Goldeen Walters same last, name as AJ's that but no relation Goodenough. Donald Muthu coop city in twenty. Ten when arrive here he didn't have the friend eighty talk guardian has worked. As a, secretary in a nursing home for. Twenty years like Alexander she was raising her son alone she used to. Be done lead basketball until he got too. Big At six foot four he towered over his mom, after thirteen he was just knocking mummy down both parents. Say they didn't worry about their sons getting involved, with gangs a year and a half after, he jeez murder Donal, hugged his mom and went out to celebrate his seventeenth birthday he leave about nine. O'clock he made his way. To each gardens housing project we miles from his. Home it was hostile territory for the gangs in his neighborhood but good dean. Says he was just. Meeting a friend they. Were going to have, a drink. Race birthday and, then you, said Fe in the crowd an, expert fire back a bullet hit, Don will in the head fractured his call. In injured his brain he died. On the spot next thing with a phone call from the police that'd be. Coming over, in the four years since then. She's lost her hair she's joined support groups.

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