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Congress, President Trump, Justice Muller discussed on KDKA Programming


Continue some believe the country needs to move on others say no the fight is far from over in. Here is Stacey Cohan Good Friday, bad feelings, abound. In the wake of the mullahs report release. The big question is what's next some say, it's time to move on is the special counsel found. The Trump campaign did not conspire with the Russians and offered no conclusion. On obstruction of Justice. Diamonds. No collusion. No, obstruction the Trump campaign. The Trump administration completely complied with everything House Judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler, disagrees. Just in twenty four hours after the report was made public Nadler subpoenaed attorney general William bar for the unredacted version all under lying evidence. Some Democrats slammed bar for mischaracterizing Mueller's findings particularly on obstruction of Justice Muller said that Trump's efforts were unsuccessful mainly because aids declined to carry out his orders Muller, totally kicked the ball over to congress and says it's up to congress to decide whether there was obstruction of Justice, whether there were high crimes and misdemeanors, that's our constitutional role. We can't run away from it bars expected to testify may I the committees are moving to bring Muller into regardless of what the committee finds House Democratic leadership warns against moving toward impeachment years in Chris steward offers this morning to Democrats. I think the American people are exhausted by. Think they're so tired of it. And I think they're handing the president the greatest gift they could give him in the twenty twenty election in Washington. I'm Stacey Cohan. So how do you feel about this winter the Good Friday Easter weekend, and for many, I'm sure this will be a chance not only to have some family time. Perhaps spiritually uplifting time that the kids have some fun. But maybe just take a breather. Recharge your batteries goodness knows Monday. We're gonna be right back in the middle of this morass. And I have several thoughts. I'd share with you as we have you. Share your thoughts at one eight six six five O, JIMBO when eight six six five five four six two six the I thought I was sure is it ain't over in gonna be over. All right. The motor report is out. But of course, now how much of it is out and win the battle of House Democrats to get every last syllable comma and semi colon released unredacted because they haven't found what they want. Wanted. They want to get the president. And that's the only thing that they are after obviously this report did not enable them to get the president something else that one of the quotations cited in that report that we just heard that from Maryland democrat, Jamie Raskin, and he and I quote Muller totally kicks the ball over to congress says it is up to congress to decide whether there was obstruction of Justice. Whether there were high crimes and misdemeanors. That's our constitutional role will in terms of impeachment. Yes, that is a constitutional role in terms of law enforcement. It is absolutely not your constitutional role. And it's none of your damn business impeachment. Only law enforcement is not a matter for congress to worry about congress does not exact punishments except maybe for contempt of congress. And even that is very well enforced that and removal from office that is to say the impeachment process, that's pretty much it. Now, the whole notion of this Muller report in and of itself was an abuse of the system. The whole point of a prosecutor is to see laws in that jurisdiction were violated period. End of discussion. That's it. And prosecutors have a certain amount of the thority in that area. But for example, it say the Mona report dredged up information that Donald Trump has one hundred unpaid parking tickets, not his problem. He has a federal jurisdiction of that would be a local jurisdiction. It is also not Robert Muller's role to be the national morality police. That's none of his business, except as as all of us have business because we are taxpayers citizens and voters and only that once he determined that. There was no prosecutable offense committed by the Trump campaign that was the end of his official capacity. Everything else is simply the spouting of an individual citizen. Just like you just like me taxpayer of voter and a citizen period and releasing this report, essentially mud-slinging all the things. That he didn't like was also none of his business and a waste of taxpayer money. And for a man who is so vaunted for all of his integrity knowledge. I must say it's another example of how Robert Muller doesn't seem to be living up to the the high Mathilde around him. None of this was any of his business, and yes, it will certainly be taken by congress. But if congress does not decide to impeach which is a whole interesting question, but self this is none of their business either. Because ultimately, whether or not we liked the behavior exhibited in the Muller report is to be decided by the American public. And we get our shots starting in the Iowa caucuses this coming February and the New Hampshire primary in the South Carolina primary and the Nevada caucuses, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. That's it. And it will there be impeach. I've always said there will I still think there will Lisbeth Warren is saying there should be ally. Cummings house member from Maryland is saying we should look into it. We shouldn't just go off half cocked here study Hoyer, number two house. Democrat says no there's no place for impeachment. So we don't let the Democrats are going to do. But I'll guarantee you that impeachment is the only area in which this is any of congresses of business what so ever. So if they'd just dig around issue a lot of subpoenas and a lot of hostile questioning of witnesses table pounding than they will be doing the grandstanding for which they are so well qualified one eight six six five O, JIMBO our number one eight six six five zero five four six two six. This is how in north Dallas, Texas. Good evening. Ow. Mr. Bohannon, I want to know if you. Do about this. And that is that since the molar report has been partially made public and appears to fully exonerate President Trump. Well of any lawbreaking, let's be clear about it and exonerates him of any broken federal law. The go ahead. Okay. And and yet sense the dams are not missing a B. And they're they're they're, you know, I mean, what's the expression they're doubling down on seeking impeachment and prosecution of and so forth. They're not recognizing any results of the mauve report. Therefore isn't the only fair offense or defense for the Trump administration to fully pursue the illegal surveillance of his campaign? The illegal of painting of a Fiso warrant under false pretenses. And all that. Why don't of it's the only such defense that he has. But it certainly is a prime one obviously refuting points that come up point by point is a good place to start. But absolutely. As the president has called for many leading Republicans are calling for. Yes, we need to go into the process by which apparently some F B I agents went before a federal judge FIS, a judge, but a federal judge and allied through his or her teeth. Yeah. Your honor weaken vouch for the veracity of the Steele dossier. That's why we need those warrants now either they were so ignorant of previous dealings with Mr. Steele of which the FBI should have been entirely familiar. And that being in of itself a criminal level of ignorance or else, they just flat out lie. Now, if you and I lied to a federal judge where trouble whoever vouched for the veracity of the Steele dossier ought to be in serious trouble. And by that I mean indictment trial and if convicted hard time, I I would agree with you tireless one eight six six five O, JIMBO one eight six six five zero five four six two six two Marty in east Texas on the Jim Bohannon show. Hello marty. Jim. Hi, bro. I've had this scribe the podcast to get all of the segments. I miss you the best interviewer on radio, but you're very kind I shit that. Thank you. We are. We are look this is going to carry on and on and on for the next two next one or the next five years. This is gonna be we are looking at this political gladiatorial combat, and they don't they just wanna take this guy down, and and and and an an election, and we are we voted into a year and a half. And there's nothing else. We can do I feel so discouraged. Jim. I mean, I love you, brother. But look, I'm just feel discouraged tonight. I'm gonna hang up now. Well, I don't want you to be discouraged Marty. I certainly understand that you could be fed up with all of this. But again, we you've got to be pretty well ready for the reality. As long as Donald Trump is president of the United States, the Democrats in congress. Will be going after him. They believe that. It was Hilary's turn to be president that he's not a nice, man. They don't like is conservative viewpoints by any number of measures. They are out to get him. They consider it a public service. And frankly, I don't think that some of them are all that concerned about shall we say legal niceties so just get used to it got to continue right up to the election of November of twenty twenty if he wins reelection. It'll can then you right up to the election of twenty twenty four. That's the way it is. I'm sorry. Wish it wasn't. So I just I can't sugarcoat it. That's the way it's going to be. And I don't see any changes that are taking place in that regard. Maybe. But that's that's wishful thinking, I mean, I'm really early don't see it. I don't see any changes taking place. I I'm afraid I find this a new normal. It's awfully AB normal. But I afraid that's what we have more to come one eight six six five O JIMBO will be back in a moment..

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Congress, President Trump, Justice Muller discussed on KDKA Programming

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