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Avenue but will bring you more information as we get it it was a matter of maintaining hope threw her grief for ten years melissa ashby believed police would fighter fiancee's killer and last night she finally received the longawaited news komo jennifer solomon has more from efforts about this cold case arrest didn't deserve to diet wicket in his family didn't deserve that years of wondering years of debt and leaps here's of dashed hope it all came to an end when lewis ashby opened her email they arrested him every police told ashby over email that they had finally made an arrest a man was inch jail accused of killing her fiance jose luiz martinez more than ten years ago it's an awesome person he loved everyone here to help anyone police say martinez and another man had gone on june twenty seven two thousand seven to buy drugs when the person martinez tried to buy from didn't handover the droughts martinez reportedly pulled out a screwdriver another man than walked up shop martinez in the chest and martinez his friend in the leg was not naming the suspect because he has not yet been formally charged police spokesman aaron snell says the thirty four year old man they arrested is one name they had reviewed over the years a throughout the investigation you know there were people that we're persons of interest in this case people that we wanted to talk to you that we need to talk to the break in the case came in july a woman who had lived in the same complex where the shooting occurred told police that the man had told her that he had shot martinez she says the man claimed martinez had come at him with the screwed scrutiny however there's people throughout the years were able to come for the ulfa fried little bits and pieces of evidence unfortunately until this year we weren't able to put to get a probable cause the suspect was ordered held on one hundred fifty thousand dollars bail they'll ashby says she is relieved and arrest has been made she still has plenty of questions about what actually happened the night of the shooting in everett jennifer sullivan komo news 34 minutes past the hour komo aaa traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's threealarm blaze of kobe avenue in everett also busy activity were the red cross to.

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