NFL Week 8 Monday Night Football Betting Picks: Miami Dolphins at Pittsburgh Steelers

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Welcome in to the the board podcast powered by Fox bet week eight Monday night football edition dolphins steelers y'all are pretty excited for which would be a barn burner of a football game I'm your host firm joined by my colleague coast the one the only pain insider lots of enthusiasm I'm trying pain I'm not a premature whistle blower like we saw in Nashville but I still haven't positive mindsets get this thing going believe it you can achieve it and it wasn't the results were looking for either the college or professional football rain six but we persevere we continue to plow ahead and no we have a long season left in front of us so as we do every Monday we'll start the good the bad and the ugly we of course Dr Chow waiting in the wings to break down what the JJ watt injury means for the Houston Texans and he'll update us and some of our favorite quarterbacks the pain. Let's go glass half full what did you see this weekend that had you excited and brimming with optimism where do we start so much Scott the forty niners because I always leave things are more impressive when prior to the game it's not supposed to look that way so we a significant professional money come in on Carolina so it makes the win even more impressive to me personally because I just feel like they exceeded expectation and I managed and I think we both did here right to avoid this game now we dead value is certainly on Carolina like numbers wise right when you look at the number got six six and a half earlier in the week like Mason Rudolph was catching that same number in his first start ever on the road so value is I get it but I think we talked Thursday which is like a horrific matchup right Carolina doesn't have left tackle Bosa continues to like full-blown just eat out there I think he's got the highest pressure rate he's on pace to set the highest pressure rate for any rookie in NFL history right now kyle kind of talked about this the one above it average pass defense he played he struggled against earlier in the season which was Jacksonville the forty niners would obviously be even tougher than that he was the most inaccurate quarterback in terms of completion percentage expectation of sixteen percent below expectations the worst so far this week and we saw that at there wasn't very good can't stop the run we talked about that Cohen Short once he went out for the season and there was a big check mark there offensively from what I'm what I'm seeing from the forty niners is is Kyle Shanahan is just ahead of his time with what he's doing even though it's very basic right it's I think he's in this concerts jokingly kind of the real inventor of the exotic smashmouth right the ball is just like spread around there's all these interchangeable parts wide receivers are getting handoffs but like at its core it's very simple offense and I think the scary part here todd is like you look or seven and no right now in the NFC but they're without their left tackle there without the right tackle there without their versatile full-back call us check and I think I could wrong about this and it's probably not worth the money was paid but I feel like Jimmy G. has another gear that we haven't seen yet either which makes this forty-nine seem really scary well and I think some of that's got to be by design if you're Kyle Shanahan why reveal all your cards when you don't have to right now and then there's no doubt that Jimmy G. High profile passing attack is somewhere there I imagine as they can can you to build chemistry with Emmanuel Sanders able to get into the end zone and his forty niners debut it makes his team even scarier and I know pain we don't talk a lot about futures here because guys don't have access turn prices and you Never WanNa do hyperbole but right now when you look at the NFC or the forty niners the team to beat the more complete package outside of experience levels than the New Orleans saints tough to you obviously love with the saints are doing especially defensively that front seven has really taken another step I do feel like whoever gets home field advantage because the saints home field advantage so massive you'd give the you'd leaned that way with ever team had home field advantage certainly the games get a little bit tougher here in the next few weeks off for the forty niners so we'll see what they're made of but man ah X. still kind of leaned saints especially if they were the team that got home field advantage going to be interesting NFC playoff picture definitely a number of teams on their best day more than capable of putting up crooked numbers and more importantly getting stops on the defensive side but aside from the forty niners pain or are there any other teams and our individual performances that really stood out to you Daniel Jones right if you're a giants fan you have to pretty encouraged in whether you could've met seventeen or six I mean that's it's kind of a relevant at this point you know and I liked I saw accuracy wise again delivered a completion percentage five and a half percent greater than expectations four touchdowns no picks and I think that that last part there with the no picks is really impressive when you look at how aggressive he was six most aggressive quarterback in week eight so far obviously two games tonight but of all the quarterbacks that have played so far six most aggressive and the other thing is when you look at how he's doing it right now in general young quarterback he's been pressured a shit ton right forty six percent of its drawbacks pressured on the season most in the NFL among qualifying quarterbacks and he's this young young he hasn't flinched yet so I I really like I think you have to be happy for your giants fan of what the future could be with Daniel Jones so fantastic performance although in a loss did did get back door there so I know a lot of giants backers were happy that was the sharp side again closed five and a half some places so Daniel Jones got the pros money and look good again that he did one ill advised throw cost him dearly early in the game came back up the fumble yeah it was the fumble that probably could have gone I mean you it's a turnover no matter how you slice it but interception fumble just not sure he's doing it to throw but for anybody to watch that game was interesting there was a bad penalty at the tail end of the first half where the giants allegedly rough the ultimate leads the three for the lions and changed the dynamic a little bit in that context wonder if the giants would have actually had a chance to win that game outright if things had played differently but for alliance do nothing but bad luck I guess they wrote a break or two in that extra appointments made things a little wonky to some of the decision making it the nail to me how to chase a two and it's one of those things where you just start chasing points and you open that Pandora's box and if you don't convert things continue to create that downward spiral but a good performance from Daniel Jones you mentioned his second career game over three hundred yards four touchdowns then a nice job against a depleted lions secondary with the good I want to add one other into it of course it was in a losing effort Mike Evans yet again puts up Gargantuan numbers eleven catches hundred ninety eight yards and two touchdowns but one of those things that I'm not quite sure why the bucks don't look for Evans and crunch time when he was the stat stuffer all game long and the titans apparently had no answer in their secondary starting to get doubled a little bit dried movement of the slot to get them open and got doubled again so you know he had forty four percent of the buccaneers area are gesture die but obviously not enough however no you want to praise him and you probably didn't turn on the game quick enough but he did have the bad drop on the opening drive in the end zone the bucks were forced to settle for three instead of seven I did I did see that drop bring it up I do want to ask you about that when you throw through a little bit of congestion I know Matt Melons in your hands catch the ball all right so I wanted to find out so you your opinion is now well documented around Mike Evans if you're going to be elite God damn elite all right so that that's where I'm going with it was just really annoying game not going to complain right side wrong result and you go into halftime with the two hundred fifteen yards seventy one yard edge you trail that's a problem and then I thought we were gold right you fight your way back you blow you get up six late in the third quarter and then you know you hope officials can do their job good for Devon white by the way rookie did a fantastic job there sniff out fake laid to feel them out it was like a WWF and I believe they're wwe now but I'm old so wwf like a clothesline he just sent the snapper into orbit there in the all clearly comes out its return for a touchdown of course they blow their whistle so you can't you can't review it and it was a turnover on downs anyways because it was fourth down so said of a seven air when bucks up three with under Ford ago we were still down four in the problem is that you know you're not gonna your situation where it's four down territory or not kicking field goal to cover the spread for the good guys chase kicked to feel go forty eight yarder right through the UPRIGHTS two minutes to go get outta dodge with a one point loss single text bruce and eh lepers no team bet the board it's all about covering the number not winning games outraged good guy might have done it now if the good come the bad and this one is tough for me to kind of put down pain because I think they were very good for three quarters but it's the kind of game that you have to win on the road you're at the tail end of it's been a mammoth road trip the Oakland raiders finishing the game against Houston Texans were nearly two yards per play better as far as net is concerned and you look they did give up some penalty yards and everything else they had the football a lot less but they had an excellent chance to win the game on the road they outscored in the fourth quarter and to Shawn Watts and make some let real place to get the Texans the outright victory Deshaun Watson in Hopkins it's like the Russell Wilson Lockwood combination those two geysers like carrying goddamn franchise right now because Bill Brian is just continues to be a mess anyways I hate being singular play guy but you're one and you have a chance to kind of I don't WanNa say ice the game with your offense but certainly go up eight or if you decided to be a savage go for the to to put it up nine and there is a plan like second and six from the Houston twenty four in Gruden calls a run play and you'll lose a yard and now you're backed up to third wall and then you Veasley incomplete there and and you settle for a field goal only go for I love Josh Jacobs but the Texans Defense is superior against the run than it is pass in the Texans secondary isn't link absolute shambles with injuries right and they were down another starter who got injured in the game and as an offense you got tyrone Williams back and Jones who you trade four finally like kind of got into the fold now that he understands the offense after you were healthy as you've been at receiver like virtually all season attack the weakness man put it in the air instead then do that in that one specific drive could've put him up potentially two scores if they'd went for two and you rely on your defense against Watson and you got burn so to me there is some some mismanagement there was some playcalling late in that game as you kind of alluded to but they did blow sure well you mentioned mismanagement pain and it's funny you use such a word choice where do we want to go to Chicago bears and how they handled their performance against the chargers so I didn't watch the game because I couldn't dedicate enough time to it I'm GonNa go back and actually watch today it's one of those games that was really intriguing to me because guys that uh yeah I work with love the charger so much and they with the chargers plus four and a half and plus four I didn't see it so when there's games that's where my guys like adamant that this is the side and I don't see it myself on my I gotTa really pay close attention to this and because I have add I can't do that with like watching games so two one on and watch today but as I'm like tracking the play by play and now that I'm like looking at the data we just download it charges were not decide and we had this debate all week long and you may see something different but the charges were not decide but I'll let you share what you saw from the data I mean I'm just looking at just like two hundred and thirty one total yards of offense in the year two thousand nineteen on the road and you're only getting what would have been like three point two closing number I don it doesn't look like just by all the data that that was the right side

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