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There would be one guy, if he saw lightning strike, you know, all the way to Iowa City, we'd have a thirty minute delay. There was another guy that he, he didn't see him. He could keep playing. So. I hope that guy is the guy tonight. So right now is we under not to turn you into Jim cantore? But are we under a lightning strike out there? We are. But as for the time I came in here, sat down about fifty minutes ago that, that time should have expired, which by the way, I was just telling these guys, I have been here before the front of the first year. This ballpark was the scariest looking storm from I've ever seen role in, of course, the Nebraskan they don't care. That's just like whatever Wednesday for them, but it was bad enough that we could see Jim cantore, a satellite truck like across the parking lot. So I'm is kind of bad. If Kantor is here. Yeah, no, that's not you don't ever want to be at the same place. He is. Unless it's the. Just the beach during the off season. I don't queue by the way. Yeah. Right. On Cuba away. I didn't see it. But there was a flash over my shoulder and everybody behind the camera here freaked out the rain hairs almost passed out. So apparently, we'll be in another that might help or. Indies. Disposition. Let me ask you this, what happened last night, and streaming lightning flash moves on what will the state of mind be in ninety minutes of the Vanderbilt Commodores. Well, it's interesting because I mean, listen, if you have watched Michigan throughout this run, and it all goes all the way back to when they were in the big ten tournament in this building a month ago. This is just kind of how they play and they're not scared, and they're very aggressive. And this is a team that, you know, went to Corvallis and one number one team in the country is out there they or defending national champion. They go to Westwood and defeat UCLA. And then they come here and they just play like they own the place. And so, you know, if you're Vanderbilt, it's how do you react to that because it's very easy in game two to tighten up. You mentioned that my worst selling book about college World Series road. Omaha wrote that book in two thousand eight and Tim corporate just referenced we heard about Fresno state winning that championship Georgia had that tourney. Int- won that game was put away in game two and they somehow out a way to lose. And the way they lost the game with a multiple run lead midway through the second game was got tight. They just could not handle the moment. And so the question is, is Vanderbilt going to have the right mindset? And listen, this is an extension of coach Corbin. He's always right here all the time, anyway. And I feel like these guys are going to be like that, too. Even if Michigan scores, I ending, which by the way I've done every game since I got out here. Yeah. And of course, it happened last year to Arkansas was about to celebrate and they still haven't started popping the champagne. And so the coaches at Michigan were telling me they made the same mistake in the regional they should put that thing away a night before they did. But they started celebrating in the dugout and they learned their listening. And now, you know, keep it small he keeps saying make everything a little smaller than it is. And where did he learn that he learned in Nashville on the bench with Tim Corbin? So there's two I wanted to ask you about that, because that is I mean, I know it's when you're out there, you hear the story and you see both of these gentlemen. But a lot of people watching, or listening may not know the backstory, so is this. We have one of the great storytellers in journalism here. Give us the skinny on, on these gentlemen. I mean they sounds like they are as close, as you can be there, so close that on Sunday morning when they came in for the coaches press conference and they had to pose. Goes with the trophy, it was like super awkward, because there were like, how are we willing to how to stay in because they post so many pictures with their families? I mean, their kids have grown up together. These two guys met as the Sistan coaches at Clemson, we asked the question. Do you remember the first time like, yeah, I think it was two thousand two and there in the parking.

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