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He that on tv and i'm like this is such bullshit when doctors here i'm like i don't know person to judge on what like look at matt hughes like they gave him no chance and he's like you know striving that's awesome like you don't know an athlete you don't yeah you don't know anyone the person who was on whose writing the by who's driving is she is yeah they they are on the front so they just fell straight down to the floor on the back i'll tell you the back lifted and i do i'm lou never let my my daughter's ever end up on the back of a motorcycle someone's getting on their very scary what my dad didn't know i had a motor those my motorcycle and then i let that person drive because another friend of i was driving so they're driving together and we're trying to get to best buy before it closed that's important to buy yeah yeah so hard ran the stop sign and it was like my dad found out when the police was they're getting a police report like oh we need her registration my desk that's not her motorcycle and they're like yeah it is like you don't know i won't i won't get another one i got on one after just to get my fear but since then i've had like many friends pass on like lose lands there so i i never owned what my friend had a multi when i was fourteen so he goes careful i was on it for nine seconds before i clipped a parked car and on the ground like i'm just not good at this shit i can't do it and it's not even you like in south florida the guy wasn't supposed to be driving at night and it was ten o'clock at night and yeah he was older and his license restricted in from driving and so like i didn't i was doing we were doing our thing he's the one that messed on us.

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