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V. I. N. for Hillsdale dot the comma all right let's take some more color shall we yes we can let's see that's got a shot in Lafayette Louisiana XM satellite go yes Sir mark let me start off by just saying it's an absolute honor to speak T. Sir thank you I just want to offer a little I don't know anecdotal conversation on this unknown denominator and and completely overblown numerator on on cases I would I would to confirm positive but at the same time my my wife is thirty five years old but my youngest son who lives with us who is an enemy who is forty three the both of them were also sick we're a hundred percent sure they had it but it was at the beginning so they didn't get tested so whereas there was one person living in the home positive it's three times the number I'm sure this is happening all over the country I think you're right and this is why people say more more test test test and I think what's going to happen is you're gonna find out that this rate of fatalities was so much lower than expected so much lower than predicted so much lower than modeled the people gonna get kind of furious about this I really do and they're not gonna buy the argument from falcon the rest said if it wasn't for them it would be much higher maybe if it wasn't for them it would be somewhat higher but I don't think would be much higher songs we protect those in our population who are susceptible to death as a result of it and that's being done in many places most places now so I think that's what we're gonna find and then I think people gonna wonder why these governor shut all these states down so completely in so thoroughly I really do all right Shannon you're feeling better now yes Sir it was it wasn't my wife her earning system is a little more delegated hit her a lot harder my my son you we weren't even sure at first if he was sick but end me up about thank you it was rough for about a week it was a bad flu if I wanted that blue but that was about it all right I appreciate your call my friend thank you Ryan Alexandria Virginia the great WMA no Ryan Ryan's gone Jeff Wayne New Jersey degrade WABC go hi mark yes Sir over there talk right in the mouth piece so we can understand you okay can you hear me now yes okay hi mark first hard court thanks for all you do thank you how are you doing with the she appeared to worsen the problem in the numbers that you stated socially with suicide drugs and booze I could provide on other days considering massive unemployment is a violent crime and murder rate increases because nobody knows what I'm teaching in New York City in seventies and eighties those thousand years thousands of people you know dice for murder he couldn't walk in the city are going to subway car without having to worry about be being beat over the head just because of massive unemployment that happened back in New York was going broke so I just want to put that out here also insider agreement the artificer and that's not even me that's a bit too McAuley who was who is a medical professional many respects and was lieutenant governor New York and she she cited numerous scholars and institutions to make the point and even though I talk about it even though it's talked about in the median server Dr Fauci and doctor Burks never talk about or rarely talk about it it's amazing I'm sure not going to take a more universal look at the health of the economy the health of the people and you're just gonna have a myopic focus then you need to understand that's a myopic focus thank you for your call my friend I want to read everybody or let's have you all listen to this this is Chris Murphy Democrat Connecticut on CNN last night you're not gonna believe this cut seven go many of us on both sides of the aisle knew what this virus a done in China we knew was a matter of time before it arrived here and it was just shocking how cavalier the administration was this was at a time when the president really you know view this as a highlight not smite let's stop this slick slimy talk fastening the phone a fast talking before mmhm this is one of the leaders of the impeachment move against the president this is one of the guys who was constantly on television demanding John Bolton a demanding the former counselor to the president he wanted that that the that that outrageous unconstitutional event that spectacle to go on even longer for two three four more weeks he would never mention the corona virus in these early appearances and he was everywhere he's like a bad rash this guy can't shake up you liberals know exactly what I'm talking about and now he's on here so will the president is a bill that we don't know blame China over many going Calabrese ministration again the administration had a cavalier attitude he talk about found cheesy time but the CDC was who's he taught what you talking about go ahead show on TV and the reason that we're in a crisis that we are today is not because of anything that China did not because of anything the W. H. O. did it's because of what this president is not here that they were not here because of red China the Communist Party in China their lab their cover up all our data come well when I hear because the World Health Organization lied through its teeth told us it's not person to person contagion told us that you don't need mascara yes not a problem it's trump trump's the problem trump is the problem so many politicians in this country in media outlets are owned and paid for by the communist Chinese it's unbelievable some believable so this guy's a reprobate let's go to John Davis California John X. M. satellite go yes.

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