CDC, Yale, Chicago discussed on Mark Levin


I can't sit silently I cannot sit silently or just nod my head up and down when I see what's taking place in this country now and whenever I try to provide perspective even information on the CDC's website perspective even from scientists and professors and medical experts from Yale and Stanford another highly regarded places Chicago university Chicago's have I know I'm going to come under withering attack because the left in this country whether it's in the media or otherwise they do not want to have a discussion in which Jim do next says is true as a result of this virus in the last few months your country has changed especially at the state level a lot of these governors in my view are now running wild running scared panicked to cover their own **** because I didn't order enough ventilators enough pets they were not prepared not just for a pandemic for any health crisis they spend enormous sums of your tax dollars on their political pet projects to improve their political status with their pace now we'd all be paying a price as a result of pandemic but some people are paying a bigger price as a result you don't cut the shut down an entire country this virus in any significant way so far is not in about three fourths of the country can it reach the other three fourths maybe maybe maybe it will but why are we acting like it will for sure and why are we acting like there's nothing else we can do about it other than to destroy our economy and therefore destroy our ability to produce these products were these governors say they need the you destroy the economy destroyed GM no ventilators you destroy three AM no mass you destroy the pharmaceutical companies no treatments nothing exceeds you destroy the economy you have to slash the police force the empties the military I am deeply frustrated in trouble now by what I'm hearing I already was but now can you even hear Cuomo say this do you choose a life or do you choose a dollar bill no that's not right do you choose to live do you approve the dollar bill my day to day life when I will be out of jail you're ready yet you're the one with the dollar bills looking for.

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