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Other dribble on your radio court our key billy setting up a now robbed rise it down inside left throws up for shot won't go got his own rebound put it up and rob johnson stores in six points per kg do the same i strive to nearby tom barrack receipt and hall back outside the comes the injuries as he cares a wire tom zoff who rodriguez i'll put the cara good back the rodriguez who drives dow wall out of bounds it's going to belong to who indiana ba should have been a travel rodriguez took one step too many times before he put the ball on the floor but had in his left hand on the baseline dr duncan it on indiana good contest from the hoosier ball out of bounds high you now we're up to a fourteen point lead here with just over eight down we gotta get going here in the end of defense of li gets a turnovers gives some easy buckets around the ran the momentum has got change here for indiana house looks down kale comes in the trade miles for miles across the taiwan balls the hands of voluntary room green gives ought to rob johnson these guys the go down lowered yang kicks out that you want border house live good side he throws up a runoff a glass john mortgage got gordon really working life a whole really good jumps stop pierce kerekou basketball we defacto tucked act after twelve now here's cut real rodriguez intrigued ogata who fake rose at the corner here's along went by carrington the what's best rebound knocked the out about who blogger the who's this organic we've got time hours seven twenty nine agung indiana right now tori lee by twelve sixty six fifty four we'll be back in a moment this is i you basketball the care source radio network down and might be out for the season what if basketball players and warranties snap pretty ecu star player go down it could change the whole season but uh uh uh have warranties like the 2017.

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