Fox News, Chris Wallace, Congress discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


So go to FOX nation dot com today and sign up now for FOX nation opinion done right now, Chris Wallace on Fox News channel kind of question for me as always what's going to happen. If people sense that you're not pushing an agenda. You're not pulling your punches. They're going to rely on you. It's a commitment to the truth one of the advantages. I think having been in this business a long you're able to detect what is real what is important, and what's just called noise. Chris Wallace, some fucks news channel real news. Real honest opinion. We'll send it fails to move forward on a Bill to protect infants who survive abortion. President Trump says the vote will be remembered as one of the most shocking in the history of congress or Democrats like New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen called the Bill another line of attack in what she calls the ongoing war against women's health. But the bill's author Nebraska GOP Senator Ben Sasse tells FOX is Martha McCallum almost everybody who spoke against the Bill just made up stuff claiming that it limited abortion two bills hooded down fifty three forty four with all the twenty twenty democratic contenders. That are currently serving in the Senate voting against it in Washington, Shawn. Liangelo Fox News is now considering a bipartisan Bill to replenish and make permanent the nine eleven victims compensation funds who which is running out of money. John field is a first responder pushing congress to get it done, and he issued this warning. We will never be disrespected again ever. Wait us. Or you're against us. If you morally bankrupt will expose you daily show host Jon Stewart, brought a little star power to Capitol Hill urging action on a bipartisan Bill to permanently address this issue. So now, it's Congress's job to fund it properly. And let these people live in peace on Capitol Hill. Mike Emanuel, Fox News. Thousands of people still without power and some of the.

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