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And the United Arab Emirates about heightened tensions in the region. The recommendations are maintained a high level of vigilance and keep a low profile tensions arising between the US and Iran. Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer wants to know what the White House is doing about this. There's an alarming lack of clarity here. There's no lack of strategy, and there's a lack of consultation, the president ought to come up with a strategy and make it clear to congress. The State Department also ordered non-essential government staff to leave Iraq right away. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says the courts need to settle the fight over President Trump's taxes. Here's the saga megani. Panelists. Subpoenaed six years of the president's returns looking to see if he's paid what he does. And if his businesses create any conflicts of interest, but Mnuchin says treasuries unlikely to comply arguing if it did. Did it would set a bad precedent of allowing lawmakers to get confidential information for political purposes? This is why there are three branches of government. So if there is a difference of opinion, this will go to the third of branch of government to be readjusted the ways and means committee has given the IRS until Friday to hand over the Trump returns saga megani. Washington to students suspected of shooting nine classmates killing one of them in their Colorado charter school appeared in court to face charges that include murder and attempted murder. DA George Brooklyn says the sixteen year old who was charged will be tried as an adult, but will not face the possibility of the death penalty eighteen year old.

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