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Top party official in the city of shanghai as part of a reshuffle following last week's party congress he replaces hanjoo he was promoted to the politburo standing committee the most powerful body within the communist party over the coming weeks a series of other reshuffles will take place the spanish authorities the pressing ahead with the assumption of powers from the nowsacked government of catalonia but madrid did offer a small olive branch to barcelona nah saying it would welcome the party's a patient if the former catalan leader connie's pugima in new elections that it says must take place in the region in december mr pugima had earlier made a defiant call for democratic resistance the party of iceland's incumbent prime minister orb yanni benedict syndictes that to remain the country's biggest stopped dress snap general election despite his links to a scandal that toppled his government is centreright independence party has taken an early lead though it share of the vote his down the leader of the left green party said she was prepared to work with all parties these voters said they hoped the results would bring changes earth licht the seemingly emphasis for system also i would like to do through the for corruption and political for me it's the it's on your constitution for us slumped on some chances in the health care system thought harp's for everybody the authorities in honduras seven people are now known to have died as a result of flooding and landslides caused by a tropical storm that hit central america earlier this week the honduran emergency services say more than seven thousand households have been affected by storm selma as it weakened into a tropical depression bringing torrential rain thirteen rivers have burst their banks and the authorities have declared a red emergency warning in much of the country bbc niece hello i'm jackie leonard you're listening to the news room from the bbc world service the democratic republic of congo is rich in natural resources but remains one of the world's poorest and least developed countries because of decades of conflict millions.

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