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Glad to have you back. Good while listening geck's last week i was out but i'm back people back. I had another commitment last week. That i had to film and so julie and so it was you in savannah took over. I wonder if people like it better that she went savannah and chase office. May i dunno. Savannah did a really good job. Less she does do a good job for that yes. She does a really good job. So let's jump right in folks. Because i have lots of stuff to talk about this week. We've been on vacation. Which is the first that we've had in what a year are more a year a year. Maybe a little bit more. Because we're we're shooting multiple shows. But so we've been on vacation. And i know how everyone loves a recap of the georgia department of revenue as the world. Turns there and trust me. That world is turning daily. Will folks i want to. Officially announce have been sued by. Amy dougherty hines for slander and defamation of character now let me explain to you what that is. Slander is when you lie on someone. Defamation of character is when you defame their character well. The best defense for slander is the truth and character. I've always been taught growing up and it's always been my opinion that you can't tear down what's not what you don't have so you know i wanted to because a couple of little trash rags had picked up this this lawsuit and have calm attorneys for comments and one of them is a guy who is with the atlanta journal constitution. Rodney and rodney never gets an article right on but rodney wrote that. Josh weights resigned from the georgia department of revenue. Rodney journalism one. Oh one do your research. Josh weights did not resign. Josh weights was fired. He was fired for lying on his application. Which now sense after the firing. It's come up that he's committed felonies and everything else within the georgia department of revenue while while being there in running. Ami dougherty hines worked under josh weights with amy. Dorothy hines has committed crimes. Which what have stated all along. She knows she's committed the crimes. But i'm not going to get too far into it because we have the evidence to prove everything that i have said and everything that i have said has been based information that was turned over to wise from the georgia department of revenue. Or from georgia department of revenue co workers. Now we have these. We have these these things recorded. We have them documented. Everything that i have said was vetted prior to me saying it so we look forward to this going in front of the jury so that we can bring out everything that we know we look forward to the deposition taking place so there you have it. The lawsuit was filed. The gloves are and now the attorneys. Get to do what you do what they do. And we'll see where that goes but make no mistake about it a lawsuit. I'm not afraid of not now. Nor have i ever been view it as sport at this point so julie. I know that you are really having to say about that. Because you're bored with it already. So for that i apologize. I had you had to be subjected to it. My wife actually has too much class to to get on here and talk about all the bad things that have happened on the other hand him somewhat classes at times. Because i refused to allow ally to become someone else's truth. So with that being say ed at that we are moving towards deposition dates for our lawsuit against josh weights and the georgia department avenue and so many things have continued to come out and are coming out daily and it's absolutely baffling to me that you're not seeing this in the press. You're not seeing this own. Wsb tv in georgia. You're not seeing it in the atlanta in the aj say now the ajc tapes were turned over to a journalist. There that shows that money was missing. Guns body cams were missing misappropriation of fines. All of this. All of this stuff has been sitting with a reporter there in atlanta named bill. Rankin with the ajc. These tapes were turned over to ham. And he has not had the time to work for the people of the state of georgia. And put this information out there because it's a government agency and they all want to be in bed together so that they can. It's almost like it's almost like a mushroom and you're feeding us bullshit so the press wants to put out there. What benefits the people that they're trying to cover for. And that's what's happened with this whole georgia department of revenue thing now. I believe the total number right now is over. Forty people have been. Let go from the georgia department of revenue. The commissioner of the georgia department of revenue stepped down claims. He's going to run for a seat in congress but the irony of this folks is that these people are being allowed to resign. Josh was fired. That katy calvin mansell resigned. I think it's scott. Graham resigned jeff. Mitchell resigned leshan right was terminated. I think for theft from the georgia department revenue and. I'm quoting what. I was told that there was misappropriation of she submitted vouchers for things that she should not have been that were erroneous and collected. That money tried to pay back to the state. The state terminated her so she's gone and several others have been let go. Math thing is why are they resigning. Why are they being allowed to resign. These are crimes. These are issues with moral turpitude. I mean they should be terminated. Not resign to her. Then go to another government agency and do the same bullshit there. Just what they've done. Everywhere i at the department of revenue. But you know. I'm looking forward to all of this coming out. It's been coming out if you're following it and keeping up with then you know that everything that i have say has come to light. Now there's been a couple of other people that have messaged me on instagram. One of them. Which now we're getting. We're preparing this lawsuit. And she should be served with it. I would say within the next three to four weeks. She runs a tableau not even a tablet and she works out of our house. Some shouldn't have shit. It's called without a crystal ball now. She has written about our family. Because she's friends with lindsey our oldest daughter. So she she just writes whatever lindsey whatever she wants to ride or whatever liens told whatever and yes. I have some of those screen shots. Sent where this lady with without a crystal ball was messing with another third party. Sending screen shots of messages. That she hi. Ed regarding this whole situation now i want to be very clear and i said i was not going to do this because as a father i love all of my children that no parent should have to sit and not be able to have a voice for fear of what other people think about parenting. My oldest son cao his ex wife. Alexis will be. And lindsey all worked with the georgia department of revenue and josh waits to bring these charges. Now there's been articles written. That says todd owes an apology. I don't know an apology. Cow has already admitted what he did but cow did not act along. Cow acted in concert with his ex wife. Alexis and with lindsay. They all three. Were involved now this without a crystal ball wants to write one excerpt from these suppression hearing. That says the cow did a facetime or did a call. It was proven that kyle was the one that turned us in turned us in for what the georgia department of revenue head to acknowledge from that it went from a two million dollar tax liability to one hundred. I think it was seventy something thousand dollars. Otis refines on four other years. So that's not a win for the georgia department of revenue by any means this katie. Or whatever her name is with that does without a crystal ball but she is being sued. Now for slander. Because we have we have someone that screen shots everything that she does. And we've got her she's also being deposed. She's going to be deposed in september october. We also have phone records and we also have social media tracking now to show how the communications was going forward. It's amazing what a subpoena can get you but with that being said as bad as it is for me as a parent to acknowledge it. Yes my daughter. Lindsay christly campbell worked with josh weights. And the georgia department of revenue cow christly worked with josh weights and katie colvin with the georgia department of revenue cows x. Alexis will be who's being deposed in a lawsuits being filed against her worked with both the georgia department of revenue. And they told lies to the georgia department of revenue. Cow has acknowledged what he did..

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