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W d and i want to introduce my newest higher philip carla spicer mitch was what is your act mr coehlo half an hour everyone's gotten and that's a clip from the greatest showman hugh jackman is here hello hugh how you hi solemn great very nice to to get takes whereas you just telling me about barnum quote and i just what before i forget us you need without me promotion something terrible will happen nothing so these what you're doing so you're actually figure that every morning as i get up as he faced another day of promotion you've which is not as arduous as some people think it is particularly on somebody that you spent seven and a half years working on which just just explain why it's been such laminant and sometimes movies do take a very long time to make but why is this taken a long time this is an original movie musicals so none of the music you've heard before and that hadn't happened in hollywood for twenty three years i was in a unique position seven years ago i just hosted the oscars larry mark who produced it came to me and said look you've done five musicals onstage or around the world he'll people now he was wolf rain and you've done movies but you you should do movie musical and you should show onscreen the kind of stuff you down on stage before that's a great idea so we came up he had the idea for bonham which seem to me a perfect fit because i do think musicals benefit from characters that a larger than life and if this his story that based around performing on some level that helps as well and we i really thought is about a one in ten chance the movie what happened really what you know with a guy and i was like earth and then a disc started to get more and more real though the script communist icon actually this is good but what are the music and then the journey continued bed he we ah was one of the reasons that you might have had a doubt his because they're already had been a musical gold bonham.

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