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The sweet spot. Since they've back with you looking ahead to the olympics were going for goads thieves who the podium picks of japan and we've also got european tour event in northern ireland before that will come up and say hello steve. How's your holiday. It was very good. Thanks brichet nice. Round of golf very very rarely get a round of golf. Call it seventy nine wolf. They'll go from country club. John which was the holiday. Yeah wow that's a good round is an aging match. Get it through the windmill. I know jim seventy no. I was just shocked to learn russell system but played okay and then the rest of the week just concentrate on told me targets development unhealthy coming home. Yeah fantastic fantastic style. And he's using a book now. We found a better range where he's falco better. Caller go further so your lookout goods exit. Nice one so you fat refresh before. We look back on winning. Hooper paid homage to super sub joe champion. I mean thinking about this when you surname is champion is a low pressure new. It six eight. I mean you know you've really got to step up. It's like these people their kids. Victor is a really tough give Victor in on you just wanna coast through. Life is not really fit but anyway thankfully are champions. Chang nightmare night because last week in our one hundred and twenty-five beach and it was an old friend. Cameron champ wasn't it stevie. Know you pretty much discovered and agree. Sunday's game often in out yet needs win over. The three am openers. Extreme performance since they've went on looked today. look how far hitching. How high hits now. Here is where's he. Where's that being a weird because there's so many miss carts interspersed with low finishes many extreme reasoning fancy last week champ doing if it shamir warm for the good guys because camera champions not just an amazing gulf of really decent blunt law. Good good work off the coast a joke. You don't see about favorite cornicks top man. Very hard working doesn't just want the are folk. Every week. he really really productive member of the desk and cameron champ. As you said mr lockouts he has had Issues ten from what he said. He's been far too hard on himself on the golf course He's been he's been trying to chill out more and he's had. He's had the results now because he stopped putting weight pie for eleventh place. In the john deere classic in his previous venue was superb with the lost last and is a roof roof for me to see important with a conventional stroke again could he e went to the chlorine began so desperate hated when young players. Go to the floor. But he's gone back conventional stroke party superbly. Staying calm a third. Pj to a win at the age. Twenty six The world is cameron. Shems will wish again. Yeah so he's as he's still something. You think could contend gauge. Oh absolutely yeah. yeah what. We're huge commerce fans on this poke oswego and future will number one as the inconsistency set in yo you you started to wonder back problems as well but i think this was a crucial victory a crucial thomas career and if he can just stay cool stay calm not let the game overwhelming market. Did i think he can win. Anything is both good enough to to to win. Anything and he he he he he talked last week. I mean he fantastic degrees last week. say a huge huge of cam. What you what you mean by good work of the course. Zeke might not shots and stuff from when his do good stuff could cool. Is that molly on. Baby is actually a a big ambassador for Racial injustices you know. He eats some mixed race himself and he does a little work for off the the campaigner and just seems like a really really good egg and I think he's all the talent in the world so yeah when he first came into the scene we predicted he was a future world. Number ones remedium mclaughlin used to band. But we got him. The cameron channel becoming a truck. Four in two thirty nine moment. Yeah yeah we go get carried away. But he's still only twenty six and three. Pj to a wins. Yeah i expect major little reefer for cameron jackson. Well if you do get that we'll look back on swings and say how on earth loss to the gulf one hundred twenty five to one but well done cameron chen under chiampou my struck what almost but he had a placed contender at the same price in the In the event dining The kazoo open kelsey. Monica's column shink wind that so it was a brilliant way someone on the on the Section underneath that each way double that returned to pretty penny so that was terrific so well done champ. What else did you take out of the Kazoo open strutting one is natural veer. Wasn't it. I'd say well. That was nice. Wasn't it not show. Various one of these guys are so of you know operates. On the periphery of the tour is ready get. Is tom in the spotlight on a big lead on sunday then held it together in the playoff tickets. That was he seems pretty. Saddam is incredibly is like the dictionary definition of falling over. The line was glad you say that six shortly there was just slowly but surely dwindling away. Then he went out the final hall Just needed to three pop. So i needed to pop papa to win the tournament in regulation play three patriot from eighteen feet and he hadn't won a tournament since two thousand fifteen years europeans will made and is four times in the china. Toby went six. She is with nothing And you really felt for me Lamb to the sultan the plant and that he was so lucky that justin hard in Made a whole that first playoff how it took a six and just in high into let's Let wounded animal off. You know it was chosen as seems lovely disney natural very tommy cooper or something but yeah the interviews after a so downbeat because he was just still her and in feeling embarrassed and yeah. You'd never see a winner. Looks so broken by what just happened. But now he's at times you a wins a win. It'd be rushing to buy natural hair because it wasn't as i say as.

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