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Bank accounts, and pointed to the eighteen thousand dollars in student loan debt, she handed over the fake business card. Neal had given to her just a few weeks before then she remembered that Neil had used her computer at her home on January sixteen the last time that he enriched had been there in she gave police permission to search it upon pilot, which those were like little computers there. Yeah. Before cellphones were around. Really we're around to the point where they were computers, and you went on the internet and all that you just made calls with them. So upon pilot was found at the six cups path house. And that was also entered into evidence along with two laptop computers and a bunch of data storage disks. They couldn't be positive that Neal was the murderer. Although, of course, this time pass Neal was looking more and more like the prime suspect. Even with the small chance that he was innocent leaving the country should seem like a very cold thing to do as well as odd. Yes. So January twenty third. Investigators contacted kneel at his parents, home and works up. He told police found the bodies of his wife and baby dead at around eleven o'clock in the morning on the twentieth. And he had no idea who would kill them. We talked to the trooper for about two hours. If you're interested in this. The entire conversation is available to listen to YouTube. So Neil says detective on the phone, sir. I woke up on Friday, fit lily and left the house a couple of hours later do scenarios. I went to Staples headed WalMart. Denver made it then came back to the house around eleven AM. He couldn't explain what he'd never made it to WalMart or how spent the two hours claim to be away from the home that morning, I left the garage door up. So I came in through the garage to the basement door. I went upstairs and check the baby's room. She wasn't in there. I didn't hear a crying, and I couldn't find Rachel. I went into my bedroom and saw Rachel she had a comforter over her pulled it back, and there was Rachel pill real pale. There was blood on the baby the baby had been shot. They were dead. Neil said visiby end to cry. I pull the covers back over them. And lift the room. Neil said he described to the trooper Howard run downstairs and grabbed a knife from the kitchen to kill himself. But he ended up putting it down because it would hurt too much. Yeah. How do you feel about that statement? It's really kind of sickening. Isn't it beyond seeking Neil told the trooper that he then driven the car to tell his in what had happened? He claimed that he didn't have Priscilla. Joe's phone number later. He said he go into their. To get a gun to shoot himself with. But no one was there, and it couldn't get into the house. So he's gonna go to priscilla's job that he couldn't remember how to get there. Then he drove to the airport and walked around a bit left. Drove back the Hopkinton but ended up buying gasoline pack to the airport. He said he wanted to go home to be with his parents doesn't make any sense. It makes absolutely no sense on January twenty fourth the Tuesday after the bodies were found Middlesex district attorney Martha Coakley is office sent out a press release about their findings. The office of the chief medical examiner has completed its autopsies on the bodies of twenty seven year old woman. Enter nine month old daughter who were found dead in their Hopkinton home Sunday evening, while initially investigators only detected one gunshot wound to Rachel Entwistle's. Torso. Autopsy revealed that the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head. The EMMY found the cause of death of nine month old Lillian Entwistle. To be a single gunshot wound to the abdomen. So both deaths were ruled homicides. There was no mention of the bruises though that covered millions tiny face. Or of the fact that the bodies were missed the first time hap- content. Police had conducted their wellbeing. Search that's a bit of an embarrassment. It is at the time. They did it. There was not a huge suspicion. No, yes. It was a Chris research, but I can't fault the terribly. Well, and it was too late to help at that point. Anyway, here was hard as Coakley tried to keep it quiet by the time..

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