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G. 08 10. Well, happy school Picture day Chip Franklin here with my cowlick, sticking in the back of Actually, I don't have any hair on my head. But when I did, I had a cowlick. And you know, when I saw this this morning I on I think the Today's show or one of those early morning shows. I actually went back and I looked through some old photographs and I'm going to post one on Twitter and challenge everybody else to take a picture from when they were one of their school pictures and put them up there. I'm actually I do have one school picture and I'm fixed to a guy who disappeared. Like one of the well before we get into that. Let's go to Alex Stone. From ABC News. Happy School Picture Day. Alex is that today? My kids had it like, three weeks ago. Well, I understood. Look, we think the argumentative I'm just telling you what I saw was just say, Well, he was on the today show. Probably school picture day in New York. But I want to know more about your friend disappeared. Where did your what happened was so, um, my eighth grade picture was next to a guy named Thomas Kean C a. I n And I think like our second year in college, there was a story about he got married and that kid and he just disappeared. Just boom gone, and I was looking it up. God, I don't know about a year ago, and he just disappeared. Nobody ever knew what happened to him. One of those kind of with you sitting next to me. Keith Morrison on day line, Buddy New Chip. And Have you been following this story out of South Carolina? That prosecutor and that his wife and son was killed and he was shot and he was shot. But then that smell like something's bad there, doesn't it? That story? It would I. I don't know much about the story except for just the headlines of it, but does seem a little little sketchy. Well, it's like that date Dateline. You know, it's always a They take 45 minutes to get to like a They can tell you in to Delhi. It's a Keith Morrison. Then they went down that dirt road or did they say All right. So, um, everybody wants to go somewhere, but nobody's going anywhere. It seems to be the story, right? Yes with the airlines that in early August, they started seeing this as the Delta variant was spreading. But for a while, they said, Now it's not gonna have a major impact on us that booking numbers are so great that people are going wherever they want to go. And We don't have enough planes. We don't have enough pilots and flight attendants. But all of that has changed. And the airlines three of them today, Southwest American and United all filed eight K filings with the Federal government, saying things are not real great compared to what they had put out their earnings in in late July, and that travel demand has disappeared. And today we heard from Andrew, no seller who is a Executive at United, saying that telling an investor conference this morning that they're seeing a big uptick in canceled trips and a lack of booking for the fall. And he says that it's been a growing thing over the last couple weeks. Headlines for Adults, a variant and what was happening here in the country and around the world really kind of overtook the situation. Um and quickly kind of change the outlooks, which now I think, reflect You know when the AK United put out this morning? Um and quite frankly, what we're seeing around the industry and most of the airlines if not all of them. They are seeing this. This comes as a had brought so many of the planes back. They were saying that they didn't have enough workers. And all of that is changing. But now they've got all of these planes and all of these workers, many of them in the Bay Area. With San Francisco being such a hub for united and they don't need all of them right supplies just outrun demand, and that's it's really difficult to catch back out. Now. They think that is going to change and demand will go up Thanksgiving Christmas New years and that it will be strong again. The prices are going to go up, but in the short term right now, until about the middle of November. It means the prices are plummeting. If you want to travel, you can go to Europe Round trip under 300 bucks. You can go to Florida for under 200. You can go l A to Maui.

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