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Go check them out. So talk me about it being nonpartisan, right? I. Mean. So and we're in a very weird. Time right now. But you know women belong in the House. And then majority fifty four. No matter what you're going to put in the box of being liberal progressive. It's true. I mean maybe it shouldn't be that way but I just sort of the world we live. Yeah it is. I mean the business has evolved. Quite, a bit We also as I said previously, like we're trying to make money here in addition to everything else and proliferate good information and we know who our audiences. So we're not gonNA say like Oh for the sake of being nonpartisan, we're GONNA try to get a bunch of conservative women. House. I would love to have her as okay. There goes. Your you're not offering her show. That's true but she hasn't come to us and pitched show. Yeah chicken there. Yeah. So. I mean, in terms of hers I guess the The thing that I'll say is like. We. We talk a lot about like gender representation. Gender. Equity Equity should not be a partisan issue and yet unfortunately it is and so you're not like crooked media crooked media is I mean this is I really I'm fascinated by crooked media in that straddles the line of a complete political. in-space Clear Political Action Committee and Media Company and it's it's it's able to do it. Yeah. And they've been super successful because like their call to actions are incredibly clear like it is awesome that leading up to the election like first of all, we we've really relationship Kirk crooked do a lot of stuff with them the leading up to the election the. Fact that they can send people to vote save America is really cool. All of their stuff is under one umbrella talk about having brands like their brand is really pod safe and everything else falls under that. But like the ethos is consistent across the board out and they're willing to take a very significant stand, we're more like the majority of our content. Is More narrative style. It's more seasonal. It's not always on it's. We're trying to provide information. And so we hope that because of that..

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