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I hope they're okay. I hope they're doing all right. Yeah. It's my relationship with pit fans right now. Boy, they couldn't stop tweeting there for a minute. Couldn't stop. I know. I ain't heard anything past couple of days. What are you taking? Hope the Miami. What are we talking about? Kavanaugh twins arena with an ACC title on the line? What are we even talking about? I'm laying the points. Miami and Virginia will be co ACC champions. And one. It's time for the N one. I was surprised you didn't put this one in. I have to objectively put in the best or at least, I don't know. It's the one that seems to have the most on the line this weekend among elite teams. Saturday. Ten eastern on ESPN on Toby Bailey court it's number 8 Arizona at number four UCLA. Ken pom has the line. You ready for this? UCLA minus 9. 9. What do you got? There was an argument between UCLA and Arizona fans as recently as two weeks ago. About who's the better team? Who's got the better resume? Who should it be higher seat in the tournament? Now that's over. UCLA has a three game lead in the conference standings. And assuming they win at home, which is what they're projected to do. They will win the pack 12 outright by four games. Would you have UCLA number one seed right now? I would. I think I would narrowly have, how about this? UCL, UCLA would be if we had a bracket right now, blind bracket, I'm either picking Houston or UCLA to win the whole damn thing. But I have Purdue by the narrowest of margins ahead of UCLA on the one line and I mean narrow and that flips if UCLA beats Arizona this weekend. Who are you taking? My number one seeds right now would be Houston, Alabama, Kansas, and UCLA. I would have produced a two. But I understand it's very, very debatable. Take an Arizona plus the place. It's just a lot of points. I think you see a wins the game. But 9 points, that's what you give me? I'll take azules to Bellas plus 9 points. I have to take zone a two, which I believe now means, nada, you're tracking this right away. You've got it all wrong. Kim pom has at UCLA -7. I have 9 in the document. What do you want from me? You're the one that put that there. I know. Hey, listen. Wait a minute, it's not even 9 in the document. It's 7 in the document. What are we doing? I don't know. I hope you clean this up before TV. And my other document with my rest of my schedule here. I hope you clean up all this nonsense. Oh, this is what they wanted on television. What do you want for me? I'm still, I'm sticking with Arizona. I assume, even though 7 versus 9, you're sticking zona plus 7? Yes, but the big bosses are gonna be watching on two. Don't ruin this for us, dead leg, you gotta get your numbers right. Me. Me? You gotta get your number one that needs to be worried about going on television with FCC regulations, okay? I'm not the one that's gonna be monitored in this situation. Twins arena, okay? They're always up to sad. You know? They're always up to something. I don't think I can surpass them this weekend, right? 'cause we don't have more than three games different. You can not surpass them, but you can tie if he misses on these things. Okay. That's fine, and we got plenty of time in March. It's only a matter of time here. All right, I see the chat. I didn't forget. Trust me. I know the most important game of the weekend and I'm getting to it. Here's what you need to know. Bubble games galore, Friday night, New Mexico 21 to 9 at Colorado state has to have it or has no at large case period needs it and then needs to win in the mountain west tournament. Lobos Friday is your only game of urgency. It is an auto bid weekend. We will have four bids handed out. One on Saturday and then a troika on Sunday. Here's what you need to know. Saturday. Ohio valley championship, as always, the OVC gets the first bit into the big dance. That's 8 eastern on ESPN2. We don't know the match up yet. More head state is the one seed. Sunday, one eastern ESPN2, big south title game, UNC Asheville, coached by Mike morrell, has drew pember, a Tennessee transfer. He's the big south player of the year. Asheville is the one seed. Two eastern on CBS, as always, the Missouri valley could be a huge Bradley Drake title game. Hope we get that. Those are a couple of great teams, both top 80 level and Ken pom. Two eastern on CBS on Sunday. And then three eastern, why did we not lead the podcast with this? We already know the matchup three eastern ESPN2. It is the us versus them title game. It is liberty at kennesaw state, a university in greater Atlanta taking on liberty. There has never been a more us versus them situation in its entirety. This is a bonus. This is a bonus. Let me bring this up right now. There is a line because there's already, there's a Ken palm, because we already know the match up here. Liberty, this is Ken palm has it. Liberty on the road the one seat never been to the tournament before ever. Liberty minus four on the road, nada, this is going to the tally, us versus them, who you got because them is favored GP. I would never go with them. You're telling me you got a bunch of guys who do it. Against a bunch of guys who don't. And the guys who do it are getting four points? Who's gonna be tight before this game? I mean, come on now. You tell them we got one team with fluid buildup and another team that doesn't have fluid buildup. From the greater Atlanta area, you're not gonna stay the phrase. Next week, right? In the greater Atlanta area, you ever done in the greater Atlanta area dead like be honest. I have not. I have. I have not. Again, this is not for television. Get it all out of your system literally over the weekend, okay? I'm serious. We're on the same page. Kennesaw state, come on. More of us hashtag more of us. All of us, kennesaw, state. If you're official Twitter account after you win this game, doesn't tweet, there's more or less. Oh my gosh. Make it happen. Come on kids. Yes. You're from you're from the greater Atlanta area. Make it happen kind of saw state. You're Saturday bubble watches here. Tennessee at auburn, two eastern auburn loses that. We have a real, this is already real situation. Tigers. By the way, how about Bruce pearl's reaction on the radio after the Alabama game you heard it? I had not heard that. I wish I had it queued. I figured you'd heard it. He started screaming, I'm tired of our guys getting smashed down there. Oh no. No, somebody sent that to me. I didn't even know that was Bruce pearl. If he goes, it's a joke. He did him. He did a me. He did, it's a joke, and he threw off his headset. Right into the mic. Oh wow. Yeah, how about that? Tennessee at auburn, two eastern, on Saturday. BP's one of us. Obviously. K state at West Virginia two eastern ESPN+, these are all bubble games. UNL Viet Nevada, how about this one? 5 eastern on? What's your mountain west network situation at home base, Gary parish? Do I have it? That's the question. I mean, I should. All right. It's like a great TV. I have every channel direct TV

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