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Guys. Twenty eighteen. Sure. Okay. I just wanna make sure because I think Tom tiptoe thinks it's two thousand twelve. Because that was when the bulls won fifty games, right? Fifty aims because he picked up Lou all dang today. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. All day. Now, it's not that big a thank you didn't take all that money from the Lakers had to buy him out and stretch. It's use the stretch for vision. I and they paid him two main dollars and change. We'll get to game in the second. I in the dugout show. One talk about the Dallas Cowboys, right? That was a that was an odd game between Dez tweeting in game. Right. The missing a field goal. And Dan Bailey. Not being there kicker Jason Witten. We'll see him tonight in the booth like this is a lot of change going on right there for the Cowboys. But there's two parts to it one. The idea is you can build a special team around Dak because we didn't make any money. Right. And because it's back. He's supposed to be a guy. I have told I've told you guys for the last two years Romo was the better quarterback. Even when they were thirteen in three. And when he didn't have Zeke couldn't carry the team last year. So they eliminate the headache in Dez Bryant who had trouble with his hands and trouble getting open Jason Witten retires. And we heard this ensemble cast. And the idea is they'll create space jackal find him. He's not just he's just not going to be locked in on Dez Bryant. Guess Ryan such a big personality. He's not gonna stare down one wide receiver. Here's Jason Garrett on how that worked out Saudi had to do a lot of managing early on out of rhythm. I thought when we started playing downhill a little bit of them in the second half. He was much better made some plays with his feet. Made some good throws. We drove the ball. Obviously may great place down in the red zone for the touchdown on the two point conversion nineteen of twenty nine hundred seventy yards Zeke manage only seventy yards rushing Colby's Lee is once again become their number one target. They only found Allen Hearns once a twenty yard pitching catch. Look, I think they're going to get better. But I just don't think he's a dude. I think look there's a reason that Carson Wentz went as high as he did and Dak win lowest. It wasn't just a DUI. He got before the draft. It was he's not crazy accurate. He doesn't have crazy arm strength. He's a good leader. He's a good athlete. But that stuff only carries you all altogether. Get to a game. Jane?.

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