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This was not going to be my film. Just yes, I'll jump into the just like looking at Helen. The origins of page who I am to believe is a wrestler. The only reason I'm led to believe that it's watching when the ultimate warrior lost his belt assault and slow to avoid made a huge. This is only one. So she comes from a working class family the nights, and they wrestling institution, they need all my NAS. I need ideas. I have knee pad. So never wrestling. On she gets elected to join trained four to China. So the next which is the sort of the feeder feeder. Feed her. Main area full that WWE and she ws from the small town ridge wrestler steam compounds and not to. The W W W. It's found this incredibly homing. A lotta people have said that it's Lippel. Well, take some liberties with finance, but I mean. Marketed this with the rock in. I mean, he's in it because they said, look, it's the rock. Hello, the rock took to us. And he comes in and says, I'm the wrong, and then he won't actually pretty much. So it's not really about him. It's Florence pew as page, and it shows becoming Paul the big time big break and becoming the sort of divas champion and struggling to deal with that in home-sickness from her family being pressurized to kind of perform just get ahead in this program being completely intimidated by these incredible looking bikini models. She's wrestling with 'cause she has the wrestling skills. They may be don't initially. But they looked like bikini models thinks she looks like a couch, Harry postal, which she's kind of a bit more growth..

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